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Firehose optimization - Philosophy (adam)


  • adam: We receive a lot of them 130-150 bugs a week. Most of them are false positives or just invalid. What can we do to reduce the workload.
  • mike: The first thing which comes to mind is tooling.
  • denschub: Minimum character limits for a bug description.
  • thomas: do we have a workflow?
  • mike: do you think about a wizard? I think ola has this in the pipe.
  • ola: yes
  • adam: we look at bugs last year. There are people reporting good bugs without description.
  • thomas: we could try to force screenshots.
  • denschub: We can experiment with solutions and change the next month.
  • mike: I would love to hire softvision to do the preliminary triage. But the earliest would be pretriage.

openness, communication channels (karl)


  • karl: just a reminder: each time we share something in private, we lose the chance of sharing it with people outside the group. we have a public IRC channel and a lot of people outside the team and outside mozilla are there and we should try to use it. we have slack, but external people can't join there.
  • karl: slack is cool for a place to have discussions that need to be private, especially since the content is non-volatile, but we should try to be public if possible.
  • mike: Good advice I learned from an old French guy: by default, start public and continue private if needed. It's very hard to go the other way round.

l10n (adam)


  • adam: we talked about this the other day. we don't have the capability to translate the entire website, but there may be something small we can do, like translating a little piece of text to make it people from different locales easier to understand what we are looking for.
  • ola: I really like the idea of having one sentence telling "please leave any comments here *in your language*" so people know they are free to use their own native tongue if they don't want to or can't write English.
  • mike: let's file a bug on that. we can experiment on that. we have something similar when looking at crash reports, descriptions may be in other languages, but using Google Translate helps to at least get the gist.
  • ACTION: Adam to file an issue about L10N light on adding short locale sentence - 2017-06-30

labels consistence architecture (ola)


  • ola: I created a list of labels we have on the bugs. There is no consitency in it, we have labels like "firefox-mobile", but also "chrome" and "android". And to have a color scheme by categories of labels.
  • mike: so the idea is to create a consistent design language for "information architecture", so it's less convoluted, using fixed prefixes and clear rules on naming labels.

Alexa deployment (eric)


  • eric: there are some things we need to discuss about deploying the updated Alexa database to production.
  • eric: I talked ab it with karl, and our idea was to use a crontab to create a new database (off the production one) and switch/rename the databases as soon as the import is done. this would avoid breaking any running/queued hooks that may run during the import process.
  • ACTION: Mike to give Eric access to the production server - 2017-07-07

another work week (mike)


  • mike: for context: we have the all hands, and in the past we had our own work weeks (just the team), and that's much more focused and super productive. it's always complicated to travel and to find a location, but it's worth it.
  • mike: in a perfect world we would do another one before december.
  • ola: we need a topic for the work week, right?
  • mike: they prefer that. it's also not a requirement that we all do one week at the same time.

H2 Plan (mike)


  • Mike: I would like us to go through what we will do in H2.
  • karl: I will take notes and we can filter out later.
  • Plan for needstriage in 2018 done by other people.
  • Get more people into doing needsdiagnosis
  • Community participation in India with better recommendations for doing the work.
  • to Bugzilla one bug button.
  • Discussions about work on and bugzilla by others.
  • Newsletter Project
  • Configuration tool
  • Refactoring the form
  • Duplicate issues
  • Dashboard for dependencies in between and bugzilla.
  • Full issues backup of data
  • Metrics for webcompat issues. Better quantitative view of webcompat issues.
  • Collaboration with the data science team
  • Support QA for investigation
  • Partner relations goals/transfers? Prioritization
  • List of features to be fixed by devtools.