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team communication improvements (miketaylr)

Let's implement some of the things we talked about in SF, starting today.

  • mike: We had a discussion in San Francisco about sharing what we are working on, such a kind of 2 minutes. Collecting ideas for a newsletter. There a couple of ways of doing this. For Q4 I would love we have OKRs, with updates during the team meetings and how we made progress on these OKRs. That could be a way to share what we are working on. In the meantime, what should we do?
  • dennis: If everyone took 10 minutes before the meeting to prepare a 1 minute verbal update, that would be cool.
  • karl: Do we want to try now?
  • dennis: It's good to prepare, I think.
  • mike: I like verbal updates, even if I'm usually the ones to go over the time. So we need a bell. adam, karl, all: let's try.
  • thomas: Let the person who's sharing, take their own minutes for this part.
  • mike: let's do that for our next meeting.
  • karl: Currently we don't have a meeting every week (and I'm not suggesting we do!). So that means a weekly update... is not weekly.
  • dennis: OK, maybe 1 minute update is flexible.
  • ola: Every minute you invest in communicating with your team is very important.
  • mike: it's possible to have a non-verbal update every week if we do not have a real meeting.
  • thomas: Should it become a newsletter?
  • mike: That's a possibility. Let's start simple and we will see what is happening. We don't talk to each other every six weeks.
  • ACTION: karl to create a dedicated section for the weekly 2 minutes in the etherpad. 2017-08-23

another communication topic: opensource contributor friendliness and our CoC :) (denschub)

  • denschub: (non minuted) Summary: be nice and friendly, have empathy for new contributors.

CoC - guidelines / Dealing with incidents How, Who, What, When? (ola)

What happens if something happens? A small intro for everyone so everyone on the team is aware and knows what to do.

  • ola: I think it's important to know the content of the COC. You also agree to enforce it. Context is very important. We as a team we all agree about it. If you see someone not behaving appropriately, point the person to the rules. If you see something really out of line, communicate directly with me or dennis. There are a couple of things we can do for abusive people. Banning, deleting comment.
  • mike: deleted comments in the past (for multiple reasons, like out-of-context content, ...), and is fine to continue that in the future.
  • karl: I've deleted things in the past a few years ago. There was a contributor who was copying and pasting stackoverflow answers, not being helpful. Lots of unrelated things. I left a comment like "I'm deleting this comment because it's unrelated". For some people that can be a problem, it's difficult -- there's always a balance. Also, we all have different sensitivities to types of comments or content.
  • ola: I agree. If you aren't sure 100%, please forward along or we can have a discussion as a team.
  • mike: There are ways to escalate beyond our team. Mike Hoye is a person resource for this.
  • ola: Sometimes we need to take very specific actions. Being silent is sometimes is a good way to go, but it is also encouraging for some people
  • karl: Perhaps it's the influence of me living in Japan, but sometimes avoiding conflict is a good thing. Looking for peace and harmony, but sometimes it's not always the right choice.
  • mike: it's a nice COC used by others.
  • thomas: is it linked on the Web site?
  • ola: nope, just on the repo. But I made a note on adding it to the site.

needs decision label (ola)

request to delete branches (ola)

This is nothing that we need to talk about, but it would be great if y'all could take action and check which branches we could delete.

Taiwan Locale list (Sergiu & Oana)

We almost finished Germany Locale, thus the Taiwan Locale can be generated.

  • mike: will do, right after this meeting

Bug investigation (Oana)

Taking in consideration that Sergiu will be in PTO starting next week, please address the issues that need investigation to both of us. (microphone change)

  • oana: Sergiu will be gone so make sure to include both of us when pinging us.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress