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Scribed by Eric

OKR confidence level check-in (miketaylr)

To see how we're doing at the end of month 1.

  • karl: Objective 2 "Build a “needstriage” dashboard that displays total count plus count for untriaged bugs older than 48 hours." Still not sure if it's needstriage or needsdiagnosis, the comments seems contradictory, but the table says needstriage. So I'll focus on this. I didn't make progress yet, because of milestones, but this is now clear. Guillaume wants to work with me. This is cool. I'll start to put in place this work, this week.
  • karl: Question❓Where should it lived? Activity page or sub-activity page on
  • mike: the level check-in help us to think about the OKR. Review the scoring guidance at the bottom of page.
  • mike: go through all KRs
  • karl: what do we want for the "dashboard", a dynamic number or archive every week or ?
  • mike: interesting question, maybe a dashboard as graphics team's?

UA-sniffing best practices doc (miketaylr)

We have the technology to build this.

Milestones (karl)

Some news about the version 6.0.0 of

  • karl: mike deployed the new UI. Now if you are managing the issues through GitHub. You can set the milestones, instead of the labels. Benefit: You do not have to deselect one to select the other. BUT if you are using the, you get to use our unique world-protected 1-click close/open issue with a status.
  • karl: I will have removed status-* labels (except needinfo) probably today (end of Tuesday in Japan).
  • karl: All issues in their milestones. DONE.
  • karl: No issues without milestone. DONE
  • karl: status-* labels removed (except for needinfo). DONE
  • karl: BIG CONGRATS to this almost 2 years old issue baked with love by Mike and Eric. <3
  • sergiu: is that also deployed on staging?
  • karl: not yet
  • mike: will do that
  • sergiu: can test to know if there is problem?
  • mike: we also fix duplicate status issues and pick one which seems to be most suitable.
  • karl: changing status also reopen/close issue. we should be encouraged to use

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: Chrome dev summit, View Source & Mozfest. Emails to come.
  • Dennis: PTO
  • Eric: Issue triage; Issue/Bug dependency graph first verion: can query the dependency before # 12500
  • Karl: Triage. Handled milestones through scripting and hand work. Opened/participated to bugs here and there on bugzilla (css animation, input padding and tamil font week ).
  • Guillaume:
  • Mike: Spec work on window.event. Reviewing karl's cool migration script. Meeting with open innovation team about "crowdsourcing"
  • Ola: PTO
  • Oana: TW and ID locale testing. Issue investigation and checked Site-Wait issues. 1 day PTO.
  • Sergiu: TW and ID locale testing. Issue investigation and checked Site-Wait issues.
  • Thomas: Mostly addon-related work. Put finishing touches on my Google Search Fixer addon, brought my regression addon back to a more or less usable state and opened discussions with platform QA about it, and discussed other pending webcompat/diagnosis addon work with DenSchub to get an idea of how to prioritize it. Also did a little spec-work on XMLHttpRequest and its related web platform tests, got the final review for removing nsXMLHttpRequest, and tried once again to land the PerformanceObserver spec change (it's being stubborn).