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Scribed by dennis, mike

Progress on refactor (ola)

\o/ (<-- Dennis joyfully throwing his arms up in the air)

  • ola: In rebase hell, so I can't show everything right now. But I'll drop screenshots on IRC later.
  • dennis: We have a living style guide. There were still a lot of issues there (components not yet designed, css issues, missing features). Ola found a lot of amazing people to help us out. We managed to get 90%+ of issues related to that finished over three days. Which is amazing. Others started working on applying the new design to the existing templates. Lots of progress being made there. If anyone is interested in helping there, at the moment the CSS files are hotlinked from the living styleguide repo (in the design repo?). All the current refactoring is happening on the refactor branch if you'd like to contribute.
  • ola: A few numbers: we closed over 100 issues on design. The Milestone for the sprint is currently at 55%. We got a lot done and had a lot of fun. Impressed by people willing to jump in. Found a few bugs in the setup and docs. We're quite far in terms of progress. I'm writing a lot of content right now (we had a writer Jason at the spring who did amazing work). He's not a tech person, which brought a nice point of view to the work. We found an evil bug in the grid, still working on that. The form is almost done, the index page is done. Other sub pages are done. Sub-navigation exists now. I'll post a few screenshots. If you want to help, there are issues left. When we're done there will be a big chunk of work with tests, to get them working.
  • mike: I bet we can get help from Bea during Austin for tests.
  • ola: My goal is to get all the most important parts done before All hands.
  • dennis: We have the coolest bug animation in the history of Ola will share links later.
  • ola: It's amazing.
  • mike: one question: we need to come up with a plan tu launch the new version. I have not yet looked at it yet. Do we need to launch at 100% or is there an option for partial launch?
  • ola: It depends on what you mean with "80%". If you're talking about leaving out parts of the contents, that could work. But if you are talking about markup and CSS issues, we can't, because we need to replace the CSS file and it would look broken if we are not 100% done.
  • mike: What was the worst thing that happened in the sprint?
  • dennis: Reading (your) JavaScript. We joked about re-writing everything from scratch.
  • mike: Rude.
  • ola: But, everyone knew how to work with jQuery. :)
  • ola: For me when the food didn't show up.
  • ola: There's stuff left to do, so if people have time to contribute let me know. Ping me I'm happy to help.

Triage Dashboard status (mike)

  • mike: Karl and Guillaume worked on the triage dashboard. I'm going to take over the PR, fix some stuff, and trying to get it landed. If we find it useful, we can do further iterations on that. I'll send out an email as soon as that is landed and deployed.
  • mike: This is kinda unrelated, but we also need to think about tools helping us organize diagnosis bugs, and also amke it easier for community people to get involved into that.