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Scribed by Karl, Eric

Q42017 OKR review (mike)

The quarter ends for Mozilla this year on the 22nd. Let's see how we did.

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  • mike: (going through the okr for 2017 and discussing with everyone to determine if the goals have been achieved. Check the number to see how we performed on each task.)
  • mike: what do people think about OKR?
  • dennis: They are a way to check on our progress. The format is not great. But yes there are useful.
  • ola: I like the fact that they give a direction for everyone for the next 3 months and give transparency.
  • mike: I'm still on the fence. The monthly checking is not enough. The next version will be a bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) checking. And we can see if we can stay on top of things. We need to make sure that there are enough resources for achieving them.
  • karl: I think it was a good first exercise in understanding the scope of one OKR. It's a good lesson to not over-commit to tasks which are too big. If it seems like huge things to achieve, I don't think it's a good OKR. It's normal. The OKR should be a goal which is in a controlled environment. if it depends on external dependencies, it will fail. For example, all webcompat issues will have an answer from websites. You can't do that. You could say I will contact 100 sites.
  • mike: We should not be afraid to be ambitious. It's part of the system of OKR. Figuring out the balance between ambitious and measurable without external dependencies need to be tuned.
  • adam: This quarter had a lot of PTOs.
  • mike: yes indeed.
  • mike: You might left out because some projects were not represented for some people. The next one you will see is a bit different.

Q12018 OKRs (mike)

Let's review a rough draft of proposed OKRs, and commit to ownership.

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  • mike: The 2018 OKRs will be a bit different. For each key result have a title, There will be bugs and it's the responsibility of the co-owner to document the bugs. We will follow the schedule. Every two weeks, we will check the confidence level.
  • mike: (going through the top levels objectives in the document.)
  • mike: We will not/might not fill everything today. By January 9, everything should be set.
  • tom: The Google tier1 will we still work on that?
  • mike: I'm not planning of making this an OKR. It might happen in the needsdiagnosis thingy.
  • mike: NEEDS DIAGNOSIS backlog.
  • mike: it creates risks for our team. Sergiu/Oana might need to check from the oldest to the newest needsdiagnosis to check if there are still valid.
  • oana: should we start with our ours. or any.
  • mike: good question.
  • sergiu: I don't think our bugs will make much a difference. The oldest makes sense.
  • mike: I trust you (oana/sergiu) to do this in the best way.
  • mike: I want to burn down by 100. We will talk about the changes.
  • karl: 100 to be a number, Jan 1 also. What does it means?
  • mike: Keep it simple, end of Q1, 100 less than begin of Q1
  • karl: 33 each of us resolve?
  • dennis: it would be dangerous, new bugs coming.
  • karl: 2 metrics we can measure, the number we resolve, the trend is increasing or decreasing.
  • dennis: how many we can solve and how many incoming to better understand.
  • karl: we can measure that in the first week.
  • karl: In Q1, there are about 60 days.
  • tom: We could track the number we analyzed.
  • mike: agree to track more on close/invalid.
  • sergiu: should we (Oana and I) pause Locale testing completely, and focus only on the Triage and Needs Diagnosis issues, until our goal is reached?
  • mike: Q1 needsdiagnosis is a bigger goal than the locales needstriage.
  • mike: some thing we can't control, how about resolve 100 by end of Q1, and measure if this helps to burndown needsdiagnosis queue.
  • karl: it's good way to understand the way we work.
  • mike: I'm adding the goal of measuring trends for needsdiagnosis.
  • mike: FOR THE REST of OKRs, we will not fill everything, but large overview.
  • mike: gofaster webcompat v2. - OBJECTIVE 2
  • mike: Dennis a 60s Pitch?
  • dennis: We need to go through engineering review. We can have it land in mozilla-central for the 60 release.
  • mike: write some codes. Please link bugs and pull request. We will add a key result for passing product integrity. I would like us to ship a sitepatch with this release and probably understand the process of doing this.
  • mike: Dennis and Eric own this objective.
  • tom: As we (Mike and I) discussed, I will be trying to figure out this quarter whether there are problems that will block me for Q1. I will be trying to push the code into moz-central as early in Q1 as possible, and will try to know by the 9th if there will be issues doing so.
  • mike: I will work with tom that this objective is properly scoped.
  • mike: I already talked with adam. He already agreed on it.
  • adam: Increase the visibility. Show the importance of the program. Antivirus companies. Things related to Harald and Andreas.
  • mike: Adam will add a couple of key results before Jan 9.
  • mike: (she left). I will talk with her. Karl will probably co-own some of the things. Eric's work on similar bug suggestion too.
  • mike: it will probably include to ship the refactor. and some other stuff.
  • mike: any last comments?
  • sergiu: about that meeting, it's hard to schedule on your time.
  • mike: Let's coordinate outside of the meeting.
  • karl: just for information. i'm on PTO, i will do a bit of needstriage if the project needs. but don't expect too much commitment.
  • mike: go away, karl, enjoy your PTO.
  • mike: And don't forget about triage babysitting during the winter break, if you signed up for it. set a calendar reminder.

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: AllHands
  • Dennis: AllHands
  • Eric: AllHands and Triage
  • Karl: AllHands and Triage. Long trip home, 35h from austin wake up to home (3h sleep only).
  • Guillaume: :( ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Mike: AllHands and Triage, not sleeping.
  • Ola: AllHands (remotely), refactor, similar bug test cases, prio-labels + milestones
  • Oana: AllHands and PTO.
  • Sergiu: AllHands
  • Thomas: AllHands