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Scribed by Thomas

Covering incoming triage (miketaylr)

Oana and Sergiu will be on PTO January 22 - 26. Let's sort it out: Monday 22: miketaylr Tuesday 23: karl Wednesday 24: adam_s Thursday 25: adam_s Friday 26: dennis

OKR check-in 2 (miketaylr)

OKR 1.2. Woo.

  • Dennis: we need to settle on what "100" means.
  • Karl: was it not "to understand 100 issues"?
  • Mike: yes, but let's just record for now. we want to solve problems as quickly as we can, as they have a tendency to be fixed over time when we aren't investigating them.
  • Mike: Feb.6 is when I want to start "understanding" the data (so we have a month). Also, Guillaume is now a co-owner due to offering to help. OKR 2.1
  • Dennis: Eric spoke with me on IRC, and I'll do some coding, but we probably still need a reviewer and second coder.
  • Mike: FYI, Tom offered to review.
  • Dennis: A proper ETA isn't available yet, but things are in-progress. OKR 2.2
  • Dennis: I got a confirmation email that we can still ship in 60. OKR 3
  • Tom: Not much progress; have been diagnosis. Will split my time more from this point on, though. OKR 4
  • Adam: 4.2 is probably done 15-20%, more tedious than expected. Might be a bit behind, but should still be done by end-of-quarter.
  • Mike: Let me know if it would help to meet up online for a burn-down type of session.
  • Adam: 4.3 is waiting on 4.2. OKR 5
  • Ola: not much left in 5.1.1, it's already more or less working, just need to burn down bugs. Karl helped with 5.1.2, planning to complete the rest of the content this week. 5.1.3 on are still blocked.
  • Mike: 5.1.3 is now upgraded to intern 4.
  • Ola: 5.2 needs to be pushed to at least March since Eric is no longer available.
  • Karl: we merged a topsites-related commit Eric made; topsites are now my responsibility. As for the dashboard (5.3), it's basically done unless there's more feedback. Just waiting on Mike for one more bug fix. OKR 6
  • Mike: I'm going to kill this OKR. We're still working on this and care about it, though.

Open Innovation (mike)

Mike wants to talk about open innovation.

  • Mike: in two weeks we're meeting in SF with Open Innovation to discuss bugflow UX, and discuss experiments for improvements; possibly Test Pilot type of stuff. Basically, exploring what we can do with that team. Won't be a Q1 OKR or anything (maybe Q2).

Minutes format - non-verbal (karl)

Just a little non-verbal update, that the minutes format has changed a bit for a little while. You do not need to put two hash signs (just one is enough). If you need to see a full format version of what you can do. I will write a proper documentation. Open issues for feature requests.

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: Triage, outreach, training
  • Dennis: cleaning up after PTO, cleaning the backlog of platform changes for the gofaster addon, responding to some urgent issues, figuring out how the profiling task works, and some related meta logistics | gofaster changes, diagnosis
  • Eric: Issue diagnosis. Update from root credential to IAM user credential. ❤️
  • Karl: coding review, needsdiagnosis, triage. (bis repetita). Handled the PR review and merged of Eric topsites. Being slightly discouraged by Taipei news. Started discussion on Mike 403 for PR on web-bugs pull request.
  • Guillaume:
  • Mike: Meetings, work on type-webrender-enabled related stuff (firefox, webcompat backend), meetings around TDC, org stuff. Wrote a little code.
  • Ola: Refactor (#1966, #2012 #2017 #2018 and other discussions, issues updates) + PRs, internet health report review.
  • Oana: Investigated issues. Performed Triage and re-tested Needsdiagnosis issues. + PTO
  • Sergiu: Investigated issues. Performed Triage and re-tested Needsdiagnosis issues. Sick Leave 15-19.01.2018 + PTO
  • Thomas: mostly needsdiagnosis burn-down, some work on addons.