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Scribed by Dennis


You know the drill.

  • mike: most of Europe is on PTO with May 1st.
  • https: //

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: Outreach, new outreach labels, new droplet for report work
  • Dennis: PTO
  • Karl: fixed a couple of issues on, reviews for mike's python code, needsdiagnosis, working on webcompat dashboard.
  • Guillaume: PTO
  • Mike: Working on some Bugzilla patches, more planning around Blipz. Refactoring bug submission for webcompat bug form. Had food poisoning. Wooo.
  • Ola: PTO
  • Oana: PTO
  • Sergiu: PTO
  • Thomas: Continued working on the various addons prioritized for this quarter. Also, saw this in our BBQ:

PTO / Travel ( 🐝 )

  • Oana: 2018-04-27 to 2018-04-30 (PTO)
  • Karl: 2018-07-11 to 2018-07-25 (all PTO?)
  • Karl: 2018-10-04 to 2018-10-06 (Paris-Web Conference)
  • Dennis: 2018-04-30 to 2018-05-01 (PTO and Public Holiday)