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Scribed by adam

OKR Check-in (miketaylr)

  • https: //
  • mike: Let's start going through them for the first time.
  • mike: 1.1 - We want to do some testing for Enterprise sites to understand our compatibility on them.
  • Sergiu: 1.2 -This is started, we have 19 more to go. Some are not reproducable now. May have to wait for Oana to come back to continue. On average we can do 5 per day.
  • mike: It's a test to understand how much work is involved in handling TP triage going forward. This is looking into the resources that cause the breakge and following the BZ process.
  • mike: 1.3 - Used the Blipz code to handle reporting into a private Github repo. Met with Tanvi to see if this process will work, they may want a DB as well, but GH issues is super easy to start.
  • mike: 1.4 - Met with Web VR manager to understand their needs moving foward.
  • mike: 2.1 - Much of the work is actually done from the Blipz project.
  • mike: 2.2 - Enable the Report Site Issue button in Beta, test with small % of population to understand the volume of reports we'd get.
  • mike: 2.3 - This can just be enabled. Will assign owner this week.
  • mike: 2.4 - Capture console errors in bug reports. Kind of half done. Might make sense to ask Karl to help with the POST bits while Tom is on PTO.
  • mike: 3.1 - Tim Smith is interested in building the first version of this. Ask Mike if you want clarity on it.
  • mike: 3.2 - We ran a Blipz experiment in Q2, which captured feedback & bug reports about the top websites from release users. Want to refine the process and collect more data.
  • mike: 3.3 - Continuation of work started in Q2 by Kate. Working on tests + refactor
  • mike: If there's more things that should be OKRs we can add them as well. We are going to meet again in 2 weeks for the next update.

Google Search "You're Offline" issue (sergiu)

We had a lot of Google Search issues today coming through

  • Sergiu: We got 25 search issues, ppl are complaining that Google is saying they are not connected to the internet while searching. Two more came in since this sentence.
  • Tom: I can't reproduce it. Will look through the code to try to understand where it is?
  • Dennis: A moz employee can repro, we have someone that might be able to help us. (
  • Mike: This is a worse experience than Tier 2. Let's flip the pref off if we can't find it.
  • Sergiu: we pinged some non-anonymous users but no clear feedback yet.
  • Karl: The way it's done is through extension. I reported a bug last month on BZ when you have Ublock and access site with Service Worker, it will fail as offline the first time but after refresh it works.
  • Dennis: Is this will default configu of Ublock?
  • Karl: No it's with blocking everything. Will find the bug number and share.
  • Dennis: I tested with Ublock default config, but seems like is worth more testing
  • Mike: This is important, let's fix it team.

window.event regression (karl)

We got a couple of regression because window.event was used for selecting some code paths.

  • https: //
  • Karl: Diagnosed at least two bugs which were created by window.event now that we support it. It's used to know the different code paths of Chrome / IE / Firefox. In one case, if the browser has window.event you use KeyboardEvent.keyCode
  • Tom: My addon will give you a console log every time it's accessed.
  • Karl: Create one bug on BZ to match Chrome's behaviour on keyCode
  • Dennis: (Disgusted face)
  • Mike: Not a surprise that we'd break things by supporting this. But let's just keep track of these.

Potential etherpad substitute (kate)

From slack post:

  • Kate: Reminder, potential Etherpad substitute (sad)

manager stuff (mike) non-verba)

H2 goals by Aug 15. Let's talk in 1:1s.

Google code tracking ("madd" Mike)

  • Karl: code diffs of Google search each day to know if soemthing has changed and relate to any breakage we see

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul:
  • Adam: Berlin work week, AV emails about Firefox compiler changes
  • Dennis: Looking at some old diagnosis bugs, like Google Hangouts fullscreen issues. Also being sick.
  • Guillaume:
  • Karl: (PTO from July 10 to July 26). Diagnosis since I'm back and a couple of other things.
  • Kate: Learning how to python test, refactoring, hair-pulling, Linux bug && ./mach omg
  • Mike: Berlin work week, plus some PTO. Mostly just feeling like a zombie.
  • Oana: PTO
  • Sergiu: Investigate and triage issues. Investigate Tracking Protection issues.
  • Thomas: Ich bin ein Berliner. Also added polyfills to diagnosis addon (WebP, sync XHR fix)

PTO / Travel ( 🐝 )

  • Oana: 2018-07-23 to 2018-08-03 (PTO)
  • Guillaume: 2018-07-23 to 2018-08-13
  • Thomas: 2018-08-15 to 2018-09-07 (PTO)
  • Karl: 2018-10-04 to 2018-10-06 (Paris-Web Conference)