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Scribed by 🐝

Tracking Protection diagnosis status update ( 🐝 )

  • sergiu: down to 10 issues remaining. most of them did not reproduce. no serious issues to investigate, some of them were 1 to 3 years old, didn't reproduce.
  • sergiu: I asked the reporters to check the remaining 10 bugs.
  • oana: We also have the see also list from the meta issue we haven't touched yet.
  • oana: We haven't seen Francois do the initial triage work yet.
  • adam: I think they tend to let a pile of issues build up, then triage all at once.
  • mike: do we understand today is this too much additional work? Do we need more people?
  • sergiu: it depends on the amount of bugs that we get, we can do about 5 per day combined
  • oana: it can take about 30 minutes to get through each issue
  • sergiu: I think we can manage the TP issues, but if we get other topics like VR it might be too much for us
  • oana: even if we get another person we should all be cross trained to be able to cover for PTO etc.
  • mike: we have lots of other areas where we can make use of our time as well, should we get another person to help
  • sergiu: What about the rest of the See Also bugs?
  • mike: Let's hold off on those for now, or prioritize them lower.
  • adam: It's good that we're going to have a sense for how long this will take, we can plot out our needs and combine with other efforts.
  • [TODO] mike to chat with fmarier / tanvi to understand bug volume exp before ectations.
  • adam: I think it will be hard to guess until we do testing.

about:preferences ( 🐝 )

Plan for Enterprise Testing ( 🐝 )

  • https: //
  • mike: 1000 Firefox's
  • mike: it's unclear if enterprise web apps work in Firefox, we tasked Romain to come up with a list of sites for us to test
  • mike: 2 pieces of work: 1. doing the testing 2. getting accounts
  • mike: how many sites do we currently have?
  • adam: (shares link that contains some login info, non-public)
  • mike: We've got 26 sites already, seems like a lot. Testing should be tricky, if we need to test out all the roles.
  • adam: I'll see if we can get sandbox accounts, or what Romain can help us out with.
  • oana: It would be useful to try to find out about normal use cases as well, it would be useful.
  • sergiu: Do we have test accounts for all these?
  • adam: Not yet. Everything in green we should have access to. The other colors I'm doing outreach for. The darker color has... some other issues. Not started outreach yet on the white ones yet.
  • adam: Decent amount of sites to get started on.
  • sergiu: When should we start?
  • mike: ASAP, I'll make a wiki page. And then let's figure out the remaining TP bugs and then rock n' roll.
  • oana: We should add a label for enterprise, to make it easy to group the issues.
  • sergiu: Where do you keep login info?
  • adam: For Moz stuff, you can use your LDAP login details. If we get test accounts, they will be in the spreadsheet.
  • sergiu: Should we test from TP point of view as well?
  • mike: Uhhhhhh.....
  • sergiu: I think we're going to be safer if we do it.
  • adam: It's probably a good idea, even to test with TP on by default. If you notice breakage, turn it off.
  • oana: I would recommend perhaps on only the main page. Otherwise it will take a long time.
  • adam: If you run into an issue, turn off TP, make a note of it, and then continue testing with it off.
  • [TODO] Mike to make a wiki page about Enterpris before e Testing.
  • [TODO] Adam to Work on accounts + outreach for Enterpris before e Testing.

Update on WebVR triage + testing ( 🐝 )

  • mike: A device should be shipped relatively soon. We should expect reports late September/November? Possibly some now by Moz peeps.
  • mike: it's going to be like triaging any else, it's possible to do remote debugging with it
  • mike: we also don't know how many reports we will get.

Discussion on Pre-triage (how do we get it unstuck)

  • mike: Rosana to try to get this unstuck.
  • mike: Maybe let's set expectations that August will be quiet.
  • mike: Perhaps we find our own community members, or something.

Google Tier 2 ( 🐝 )

  • [TODO] mike to send details about Goo before gle Tier 2
  • mike: worth spending some time on this now.
  • [TODO] mike to make a private repo to collect issues about Goo before gle Tier 2
  • [TODO] mike to add sergiu + oana to internal list and forward email about Goog before le Tier 2.

Regular Meeting? ( 🐝 )

  • [TODO] Mike to send invite, once a month for a meeting about Triage/Testing with s before ergiu/oana
  • sergiu: I think that's too little. Every other week?
  • mike: not just me talking