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Scribed by Dennis

OKR Check-in (miketaylr)

  • https: //

OKR Check-in 1.1 (miketaylr)

  • Mike: Done more work in organizing. Wiki page exists. Oana and Sergiu are assigned. Giving it too more weeks to do TP stuff, but Adam is working on contacts.
  • Adam: There is enough to start, but it's going to take a while until it's done
  • Oana: I don't think we should wait two more weeks
  • Mike: Do you think it makes sense to split your time?
  • Oana: We could split between TP and this, there is less triage to do.
  • Mike: Okay, let's say we are ready to start testing this week.

OKR Check-in 1.2 (miketaylr)

  • Sergiu: Almost done. One issue is blocked by another issue, another issue (CBS) needs more investigation, because it is not conclusive right now.
  • Mike: What bug is blocking you?
  • Sergiu: See web-bugs/#18174 for details. The tracking protection issue is related to those steps.

OKR Check-in 1.4 (miketaylr)

  • Mike: I need to update this. It's a bit of research in UA strings, and outreach. Have been working on it.

OKR Check-in 2.1 (miketaylr)

  • Mike: Tom will be working on it, after his PTO.

OKR Check-in 2.2 (miketaylr)

  • Mike: In progess, Product-hypothesis document is linked in the GitHub issue. We need to experiement with the volume of reports.

OKR Check-in 2.3 (miketaylr)

  • Dennis: No progress on that, will be working on it after GoFaster.

OKR Check-in 2.4 (miketaylr)

  • Mike: I've assigned the backend stuff to Karl, which is hopefully done when Tom is back from PTO, who then hopefully can land the mozilla-central patches.

OKR Check-in 3.1 (miketaylr)

  • Mike: Tim Smith will be doing most of the engineering here, with some help from the Open Innovation team. I don't know if this is in progress or not.
  • Adam: It is in progress. We started working on the report card yesterday.
  • Mike: True. For context: We want to be able to build report cards for websites, to see how many issues are there, if it is generally working, if we are working on it, ...

OKR Check-in 3.3 (miketaylr)

  • Sergiu: Can we create a page within where we collect links to all the dashboards?
  • Mike: We want to have some central location where you can find all the data. It's unclear where that will be, and how it looks like.
  • Sergiu: I was hoping for something more short-term :) Some dashboards are only accessible if you know where they are.
  • Mike: Do you want to file a bug? - Sergiu:
  • Karl: It already "exists". - Currently 404
  • Kate: The backend is getting there! Working on testing.

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul:
  • Adam: Compat outreach, enterprise accounts, webvr setup/testing
  • Dennis: Some "Emergency" Diagnosis, a lot of QA process (meetings, filling out docs, ...). GoFaster code review stuff for Desktop and Fennec.
  • Guillaume:
  • Karl: Bug diagnosis. Starting the transition to hackmd instead of etherpad. webcompat 2567, 1942, 2341. Minutes.
  • Kate: Metrics-server PR edits, still working on mocking/testing (but now fixing bugs instead of crying), blog post drafts, maybe an actual firefox bug!
  • Mike: VR ua string testing. Some work on shield study for Report Site Issue in Firefox destkop beta.
  • Oana: Lots of Triage, a few TP issues, Google Tier 2 search testing.
  • Sergiu: Lots of Triage, a few TP issues, Google Tier 2 search testing.
  • Thomas: Diagnosis and fixes to diagnosis addon. More work on XHR interop fixes (bz1482640, bz1454590, bz1070763, bz1482752, bz1035774, bz1454588).

PTO / Travel ( 🐝 )

  • Mike: 2018-08-15 to 2018-08-17 (exciting surgery)
  • Thomas: 2018-08-15 to 2018-09-07 (PTO)
  • Karl: 2018-10-04 to 2018-10-06 (Paris-Web Conference)