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This is the agenda and logistics page for Work Week Meeting in Paris from October 1 - October 3, 2018.


  • Address the paper cuts of and prioritize what we target next.
  • Finalize the handover for deployment from mike to karl.


  • Location: Paris, France
  • Hotel: see Email for details
  • Room at Mozilla office: Ouhlala! (booked)


  • Guillaume Démesy
  • Karl Dubost
  • Mike Taylor
Attendee Arrival Departure
Guillaume Démesy On Monday morning
Karl Dubost on Friday evening (will be in the office) On Saturday October 6
Mike Taylor (DL 2574) Oct 01, 09:20 (TN 7) Oct 05, 14:25


Scribed by Everyone!

Monday, Oct 1

1. Arrive

2. Consider signing up for Tuesday lunch (see Mana page for Paris Office)

3. Triage Paris Work Days GitHub project: decide what issues to assign to High or Low Priority, and what issues to WONTFIX.

4. Hack.

5. Team dinner.

Tuesday, Oct 2

Wednesday, Oct 3

  • deploy hacking and handover.