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Scribed by Mike Attendees: Ksenia, Mike, Karl

Anonymous reporting futures and planning ( 👹 )

  • mike: we would love to be able to restart anonymous reporting before All Hands. And we might need a not perfect solution that we would fix it later. Karl's proposal.
  • karl: if you want some shortcuts, maybe one way of doing this... it doesn't need to be clever at the beginning. plain text files that are reviewed by hand, make a list of the approved bugs, someone runs a script, etc. super low tech. no worries about DBs, etc. Not ideal, but it could be set up quickly.
  • mike: As a shorcut, I was also thinking, we implement a private GitHub repo as the first step.
  • karl: the moderation step is designed to be abstracted from publishing. it could be anything: emails, etc. why i suggested plain text is it's the easiest to read and easiest to manipulate via script. it could be as simple as emailing via cron if something is in a folder. if the objective is to fix it quickly, this is a way. but one part we need to implement, urgently, is to be able to create the moderation template on github. the issue is created as a placeholder, the data is saved in moderation.
  • ksenia: is it possible in the moment of creation to create an issue in the private repo? and store the link between IDs of a public issue. and when it's moderated in the private repo, they push a button and it modifies the public repo.
  • karl: yes, with this approach, if you moderate the thing, and you have a milestone in the private repo ("moderated"), then bots could read the events in the private repo and know to send the issue back to the public repo.
  • mike: that's an interesting bandaid that maybe will let us move fast.
  • karl: it's still an issue that possibly illegal content is linked on github, but it will be private.
  • mike: GitHub gave me information about this.

While all content posted in private repositories is subject to the same terms as content posted in public repositories, this would prevent problematic content from being publicly visible. Perhaps your team could brainstorm ideas as well?

  • mike: I want to make sure GitHub agrees with our solution.
  • ksenia: Does this add another step before triage? does somebody have to only moderate full-time?
  • karl: I think we could combine the two at a future point, where you could moderate and triage at the same time. But let's do this in phase 2. But I agree let's not make it more burdensome.
  • mike: do we make private repo as a shortcut?
  • karl: for me, the shorter path is to save everything in folder.
  • ksenia: but then the moderation will be more complicated until we have an interface.
  • karl: or we can send emails. we need to figure out where we keep track of the info. which is the bucket.
  • mike: tomorrow i'll start filing issues. I'll try to think through the consequences of a private repo as a bandaid vs a super low-tech "write to disk" thing.
  • karl: can you file another issue to make screenshots inside details instead of a link?