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This is the agenda and logistics page for Web Compatibility Team Work Week virtual meetings from June 15 to June 18, 2020.





We expect to have very little synchronous face-time meetings for this work week (no more than 2 hours a day), but instead lots of async collaboration and discussion.

Monday 15

Tuesday 16

Wednesday 17

Thursday 18

Topics Bank

Use the following template in one of the section below:

 ==== Topic ====
 Description with [ links] when necessary


If you've been working on something and would like to show it off to the team, or think the team would benefit from learning about something, let's make space for that. Reach out to Mike if you would like to (so far, James and Dennis have expressed interest)

Experimental Preferences in Firefox

Firefox is going to have an Experiments section in Preferences. Are there compat-related preferences we think that should be exposed?

Strategic Planning

Strategies seem useful.

H2 Planning

What should we focus on in Q3 and Q4?

  • Doing more with less. The year to come is difficult with financial restraints and all the world events. It's a good opportunity for us to try to do probably smaller projects with more efficiency.
    • viewport spec/issues are
    • having a better dialog with fenix preview team? How can we help them by doing reports which are more readily useful for them?
    • Webcompat Priority? Do we need to rethink? What is the status? Are there issues? Can we improve it?

Webcompat Form v2

  • What needs to be finished to complete this chapter?
  • What needs to be abandoned?
  • How do we measure our success/failure?

  • There are sections of the site which are barely used, do we keep them? (example: activity/username)

Machine Learning for tagging the issues

Would it be interesting for us to do machine learning on classifying the issues we have post treatment. As if, oh this issue was a type-css, but the tag is not there, let's add it.

Local backup of all issues

At the beginning of the year 2020, GitHub has blocked us for the nature of content. We solved the issue, but it took us a bit of time to be in a reasonable place where we could operate again normally. We did it and that's the cool part of the story. But probably we need to be able to have a bit more ownership of our data and have a dump of all our issues and comments.

Web Platform Tests

What can we do with the Firefox-only failures (especially the ones that pass in Chrome *and* Safari)? Can we prioritize them in a useful way?

[SV] Is Webcompat Accessible?

We were considering using some tools and perform some manual tests to find accessibility issues on webcompat site (as long as time permits).

[SV] Tracking Protection help needed

How can we help? We would like to make some plans on how we can contribute to Tracking Protection.

[SV] "Hunt for bugs" events

For future "Hunt for bugs" events - how can we help, how can we advertise them better, how to engage more reporters (Github users - maybe send special invites)

[SV] Test device with special behavior: Pixel

There were many issues that are not reproducible on Pixel devices (Karl can confirm), unfortunately we don’t have one our side.