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Scribed by Tom

OKR Check-in (miketaylr)

Check-in Check-in (miketaylr)

How's everyone doing? dennis is screeming inside his heart. tom is still tom, just not as tom as usual.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the last two weeks. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul:
  • Cipri: Moderation/Triage, TSCI & Needscontact re-check
  • Dennis: Found a possible way to address our Fenix Report Site issue menu item placement. Worked on rebasing an older webcompat-addon feature. Worked a bit on the reporter. Little bit of outreach and the usual fun. Observed a couple of meetings.
  • James: wptsync Python 3 conversion.
  • Karl: Thnking of taking days off at a point. Worked on archived issues. Good progress. Near completion.
  • Kate: Still learning about ML and battling healthcare crap (not mine). Almost an EU citizen. Sending good thoughts...
  • Ksenia: PTO, finishing up interventions and diagnosis
  • Mike: Had the week off, did anything happen while I was gone???? Some swimming, crafts / activities w/ kids. Esmee turned 7! Sent in a few PRs related to a11y, some stuff related to webhooks.
  • Oana: Moderation/Triage & PTO (lots of hiking, beautiful scenery,,,,,
  • Sonia: Working on Mozilla Build these days, completed my internship with Linux Foundation, and attending KubeCon EU virtually. Have plans on andriod webcompat!!!!
  • Tom: Picking up the pieces. Mostly did some work on the webcompat addon. Finally began the approval process for getting Google Search Fixer recommended for Fenix users. Actually went to a beach and enjoyed it; nice and quiet! Also visited some of locks on a river around here. Was a nice relaxing day-trip.

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

(no more travel until the end of 2020… probably) Coming holidays across the world