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Scribed by Karl

OKR 2020Q3 - Final Check (karl) Let's close things and move things to Q4 if we need time for some of the things.

OKR 2020Q4 - Brainstorm (karl)

see Let's prepare our new quarter.

FYI - Diagnosis Rotation (karl) Check your future work Tick your past work Permute work with someone else when you can't work on your day.

TODO (karl)

  • [TODO] karl to Find someone from the webcompat team who would like to both attend the Firefox Cross-Functional meeting and report to the rest of team (Wednesday 09:00-10:00 (PDT)). before 2020-09-29
  • [TODO] softvision to Check that all SeeAlso which have been potentially fixed by Bug 1316534 (flexbox fix) before 2020-10-02

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the last two weeks. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Cipri: Moderation/Triage, TSCI issues verification, Open source JS libraries testing
  • Dennis: Little bit of diagnosis, little bit of Fenix coordination work, and I don't even know what else.
  • James: wptsync stuff. Making testdriver work cross-origin.
  • Karl: management reloaded. Start to have a better idea of how the pipes are connected. Season of Ipomea . Seen
  • Kate:
  • Ksenia: working on the outreach templates and some diagnosis. Plannig a trip to Alberta
  • Guillaume:
  • Mike:
  • Oana: Moderation/Triage, Open source JS libraries testing, gardening - picking lots of wallnuts and lots of leaves.
  • Sonia:
  • Tom: Herding cats to try to get ETP shims UX issues fixed. Some diagnosis. Dealing with some mild depression ("weight of the world" stuff).

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

(no more travel until the end of 2020… probably) Coming holidays across the world