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Scribed by Karl

Report Site Issue Action (denschub)

The report Site Issue menu has moved to the Help menu. Dennis has been monitoring the data.

  • Question: Interesting discoveries about the low number of reports in Nightly, What should we do?
  • dennis: Tracking issue with some data in the comments:
  • dennis: Very low confidence in the numbers from Nightly due to the small volume of reports.
  • dennis: Nightly population is 47,366 DAU vs. 1,067,538 DAU for Beta (data from today via [the GUD]( So that would be, on average, 35.17 reports a day for 1 million Nightly users, vs. 8.53 for Beta respectively. So our Nightly population is actually *much* more active, but just too small.
  • dennis: The plan is to have the new location ride to Beta, and see if we notice a change there. If the numbers drop below a level we're comfortable with, rolling back to the "meatball menu" in Beta is a valid emergency-break while we're looking into other solutions for 89.
  • dennis: (sharing screen) and doing a summary of the proton work planned for the report site menu action button. Initially we thought that the new location (hamburger menu/help menu) was too hidden. But monitoring for the numbers, we realize that the numbers are very low, which makes it difficult to evaluate if it had any influence. I checked also the beta reports which are more significant. This number may be more stable. We are going to ship this new place for beta users to see if it has any influence. It will ship to beta users in 2 weeks. Then hopefully we can have a better comparison. So far it doesn't look like a disaster.
  • karl: The report of nightly population is super low. I discussed with dennis about that.
  • dennis: The population of nightly users is also very low per day, around 47,000 users per day.
  • karl: I wonder if we could extrapolate the number of report site issues if it was in release.
  • dennis: Probably hard to predict. There are probably less people willing to report.
  • karl: Would it be difficult to have the report site issue for one week in release?
  • dennis: probably not that bad. The worst case scenario would be 90? times more reports.
  • karl: I think we should wait for Proton to be stabilized. Then after maybe we can try to do in release for one week as an experiment.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the last two weeks. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Dennis: Herding proton sheeps, reviewing and backporting some addon patches, fighting with Workday, and some less exciting keeping-the-lights-on work.
  • James: Goals goals goals :) But actually, MDN testing survey, wptsync problems, specifying navigation for WebDriver-BiDi.
  • Karl: Management thingy mostly. Diagnosis. Release Site Interventions. Workday goals for everyone. Probably on PTO on Friday. Reviewed a blog post for thomas. I tried indoor Bouldering for the first time.
  • Kate:
  • Ksenia: Adding Github integration to bugbug, working on goals and diagnosis. Things are slowly reopening
  • Guillaume:
  • Oana: Moderation and triage, Bugzilla verification (will finish the OKR this week) and Japanese educational site testing (Ioana provided some). I played a little bit with a Screen reader add-on and testing the site. Hiking and playing Rummikub.
  • Raul: Moderation and triage and Japanese educational site testing.
  • Tom: Herding progress on shim blog posts and documentation, H1 goals-related stuff, keeping the ol' lights on. More walks with Maggie (dog); she is happier lately to see the brighter sun and bask in it.

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

(no more travel until the end of 2021… probably) Coming holidays across the world March 19, 2021 (Karl, PTO) March 29-April 2 (Dennis, PTO) June 22-26 (TomW, PTO)

FYI: 2021H1 Ideas (karl)

Let's keep this around so we have a reference.