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Scribed by Thomas

Browsers are being wrongfully recognized on iOS (SV TEAM)

We've seen this issues where the browsers used are being recognized wrongfully: Identified as Firefox when they are actually Safari (from the Screenshot-iOS): Also, regarding the labelling of iPad issue by the ML Bot, do you think that these issues will help us improve the situation ? Seems that the BOT identifies the label correct now, but not the browser.

  • karl: The content has @extra_labels: browser-firefox-ios and @reported_with: mobile-reporter for some of them, which means they have been reported with Firefox iOS. What I suspect is that people detect an issue with Safari, take a screenshot, then go to firefox ios for filing the issue. Probably because the report site issue button is a thing.
  • karl: this makes me wonder if we should do web extension for Safari.
  • karl: for ipad, the labels is what is important. As soon as firefox ios 34.1 is released mid-june, there will be an additional device-tablet label. To have the proper Browser/Version: we need to override this. It could be possible to do on the client side or the python application side probably.

Diagnosis auto-assignment is now live! (denschub)

With a few key differences compared to what we discussed: - It's completely based on GitHub Actions, not an external bot. - It avoids assigning issues to people if they can't work on it (for example not assigning Firefox Reality issues to Karl, ...) - It allows for weighted load balancing: I volunteered to to more diagnosis than usual, while Karls schedule is super busy already, so that's reflected. And a few caveats: - The action depends on the `browser-` label to be set correctly, so it can decide if an issue can be worked on by Mozilla staff or not. - This is based on a weighted random number generator, to make implementation easier. It might feel a bit unfair occasionally, but over time, things will even out. Configuration, with weights and available devices:

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: Writing a GitHub Action. Looking at needsdiagnosis issues. Working on a hardware project that does justice to my domain. :)
  • Guillaume:
  • James: Convinced WHATWG and wpt to move from IRC onto Matrix. WebDriver-BiDi patches for reload and traverseHistory. Some correctness fixes for shutdown handling in geckodriver. Fixed some stuff for wptsync including New Relic accounts.
  • Karl: Diagnosis. A bit of coding. fixing things here and there. Patch for Firefox iOS and Firefox. Fixing our tasks for next quarter. Pumpkins have made wonderful orange/yellow flowers in the garden. I need to take weeds out with a space suit because of mosquitoes.
  • Kate:
  • Ksenia:
  • Oana: Moderation and Triage, Sitewait verification. The plants are growing, the weather is warmer finaly. Had a little PTO time to recharge my batteries.
  • Raul: Moderation and Triage, Sitewait verification, just realized that after I've set up my balcony terrace (the side facing the SUN), my plants are sensible to direct sun-light...
  • Thomas: Assorted end-of-quarter stuff, doing my best to land phase 2 of shims (almost there). Covid vaccine today! YAY!

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

(no more travel until the end of 2021… probably) Coming holidays across the world June 21-25 (TomW, PTO) June 21-25 (Dennis, PTO) June 25 (Karl PTO) 2nd and 5th of July (Raul PTO) June 28 - July 2 (Webcompat Team Wellness day)

FYI: 2021H1 Ideas (karl)

Let's keep this around so we have a reference.