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Scribed by Ksenia (james)

Had a discussion with foolip about the possibility of having some low-friction way for web devs to report interop issues they run into during their work. This would include stuff they work around but which caused frustration, so wouldn't show up as a compat issue. The idea would be to use the data to help prioritise common issues (assume minimal/no manual triage for the purposes of discussion). Frontends could be e.g. a web extension, something in devtools, or a form on MDN. Does this sound like a reasonable idea? Is the web-compat backend something that could be repurposed for this kind of project if we went ahead with it?

  • karl: we already have devs doing that, they're sometimes adding a codepen. we could reuse the current instance with automatic labels so we know it's reported from devtools etc.
  • dennis: do we even need something like because github has an interface/template for creating issues
  • james: that's an interesting idea
  • karl: has an API that is being used by different clients. So bug can be filed via POST request
  • james: I have a meeting with foolip and we can discuss a prototype
  • karl: if we step back a bit, was created to solve a problem of reporting an issue to different browsers. webcompat was always open for reports from other browsers, but who will be looking at them?
  • james: yeah that's a good point, these bugs will probably have a different workflow. if we see such bug and have some statistics on it, we could prioritize it.
  • karl: I want to make sure that there is a commitment from Google to work on those bugs as well.
  • james: I'll discuss this because prioritizing developer issues seems to be important for Chrome and Safari.
  • karl: it's super easy to file a bug on and add a label
  • ksenia: since james is talking with Apple and Google, it would be nice to put the form outside of Firefox since we likely to have more reports.
  • james: Yeah maybe Web Extensions, MDN, devtools and also places like vscode.
  • karl: vscode sounds interesting since you can just select the problematic code for a report.
  • dennis: I think that's great Google and Apple are involved and also developers will provide useful feedback
  • tom: is this about getting help or reporting a workaround?
  • james: Mostly about getting help. The hope is that it's low friction enough that they will report issues in order to get them prioritised by browsers and help their future selves.

webcompat issues funnel (karl)

We need to measure the data we processed, we have currently a mild understanding of the life of bugs according to certain metrics. We can extract the information, we are just not doing it yet. Example: 700 to 800 bugs a week, 40% automatically closed by the ML bot, but after? what is happening.

  • karl: we could have a diagram with flow of the bugs. some are closed by the ML bot, the rest are processed by softvision team. would be good to know the shape of everything. does anyone have ideas?
  • dennis: I have a couple questions on how we store the data in the elastic search database, but we probably could discuss this separately
  • karl: or Google docs
  • ksenia:
  • [TODO] Dennis to ask Adam about the source codes for his reports, and to start a Google docs with some ideas about web-bug data before tracking.
  • karl: Core bugs by Webcompat Priority Flag
  • james: having a triage meeting and looking through the bugs could be useful
  • karl: I'm happy to set up another meeting :)
  • tom: I use "?" priority tag and I could participate in a meeting
  • dennis: I'm in as well

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: Reading Google-Docs. Some diagnosis. Some discussions. :) Also trying to not be too angry about the state of the world.
  • James: Trying to articulate where Gecko devs stop writing interop tests. WebDriver session refactor and some more PRs.
  • Karl: Reviewed the operating values of Moco v.0.5 draft. / Some diagnosis / Some management duties / Discussions on how to better estimate our work. Some apartments search. tsuyu is over. seals.
  • Ksenia: diagnosis and updating documentation, beach volleyball has started
  • Oana: Triage and moderation, Bugzilla triage, Needscontact verification. Hike and saw the last rhododendron flowers . My first zucchini has grown and is ready to eat .
  • Raul: Triage and moderation, Bugzilla triage, Needscontact verification.
  • Thomas: Diagnosis and landing SmartBlock patches and meetings to figure out SmartBlock-on-Android updates. The weather has been pretty obnoxious, but I managed to get some beach time for the first time this year, so yay!
  • Joe:

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

(no more travel until the end of 2021… probably) Coming holidays across the world

  • Ksenia: August 12 (PTO)
  • Karl: August 30-31 (UTO)

FYI: 2021H1 Ideas (karl)

Let's keep this around so we have a reference.