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Scribed by Dennis

Focus (Raul)

Some specific issues with triage and labeling

  • Raul: Regarding Firefox Focus, we're seeing a lot of articles that Firefox Focus is revamped. Should we still treat the reports as it being from an EOL product, or should we treat those with priority.
  • Karl: Focus is back, and we should work on those issues.
  • Thomas: We can chat with the Focus team to see if there is something they're specifically concerned about, but we probably should treat those issues like all the other issues. For issues, we should check if an issue is Focus-specific, or also reproduces in Fenix.
  • Oana: We can do that during triage.
  • Thomas: It's also good to know if it's something iOS-specific, and there are a lot of issues around SmartBlock/ETP, which is not quite the same on iOS and we can't fix those issues the same way.
  • Raul: So we're no longer treating Focus as EOL?
  • Thomas: Yes, just treat them as normal. It's good to know if issues are Focus-specific, but otherwise, just treat them as normal. We can have discussions if we want to keep the ETP-issues on, or redirect them to Bugzilla.
  • Karl: If it's Focus-only or ETP-related, those can be moved to Bugzilla. Question: Is Focus using the same Gecko version as Fenix?
  • Thomas: Technically no, it's still android-components, just the "wrapper" around Gecko is different. But it's possible that sites interact differently with Focus than they do with Firefox Daylight. For those issues, we can decide if we should file them on Bugzilla, or if we should file them in the Focus GitHub repo.
  • Karl: We can't "move" the issues without having write permissions in both repos.
  • Raul: Sometimes, the bot doesn't label Focus issues as Focus. Is this something we should keep an eye on and fix the labels? Sometimes it labels it right, sometimes not.
  • Ksenia: Do you have an example?
  • Dennis: Would be good to know if those "broken" reports were filed via the reporter, or directly from
  • Raul: [Shared an example which indicates this was filed via the in-product reporter]
  • [TODO] Thomas to chat to the Focus team to see what they want before us to do.
  • Update: Arturo says that for Focus-specific issues, we should file on GitHub and they will triage/flag it appropriately like all incoming issues. We agreed that for ETP/anti tracking issues (or issues that reproduce in other Firefoxes with Strict mode/etc on), we should just move the bugs to the most appropriate repo. For our purposes this may mean the diagnosis team makes that call.
  • [TODO] Dennis to check why the in-product reporter in Focus doesn't send the Focus labe before l with it.

Firefox ios (Karl)

Patching User Agent.

  • Karl: I had a discussion with the FxiOS team about their plans, and to check if we should remove our handling, or if want to work on the reports, or if they want us to submit a patch to fix things, ...
  • Karl: Their wish was for us to submit PR(s). I'm worried about some of the older issues, where we have to double-check that we're doing the right thing.
  • Karl: There are different strategies on how to approach these issues, but the safest thing seems to be to just send the Safari UA string. FxiOS is using the same rendering engine, and only changing parts of the UA can have unexpected consequences. Sometimes, the issue is just about the version number in Firefox for iOS. We can change the version number, but then the browser can still be identified as Firefox for Android, which may break things.
  • Karl: The question is: Who wants to work on this?
  • Ksenia: If we can start with only one issue or so and don't have to fix everything at once, I'm happy to look at it.
  • Karl: Fixing one issue at a time is fine. The could shouldn't be too hard to understand. One potential issue is that there is a difference between the iPad UA and the iPad Mini UA. I'm happy to chat.
  • [TODO] Ksenia to look into shipping UA overrides on Firefo before x for iOS.

Enterprise testing (Oana/Karl)

  • Karl: We have web-bugs specific to Oana and Raul's testing on Enterprise sites. There is a separate set of user credentials. Oana and Raul will identify them and tag them. There is a shared document with test accounts that I will share with the people doing diagnosis. Some accounts require a second factor, and only Oana and Raul have access to that. I had a chat with Dennis about that, and he agreed to look at those issues, because he's closer to Raul and Oana in terms of timezone.

Compat 2022 (jgraham)

  • James: Compat 2022 is happening. foolip put up a RFC for a suggested process, where we first come up with a set of areas of concerns, and then discuss and agree on a set of topics for this round. foolip is hoping to use the "State of CSS" survey to get some ideas, but input from engineers working on broking stuff is also welcome. If you know areas that cause frequent compat issues, that's good to add to the list.
  • James: There's a bit of uncertanty where we don't know how many resources we can and will commit.
  • Karl: It's good to have a list where we have a WebCompat bug that's caused by an issue in Chrome of Safari, but the web developers consider that behavior as "correct". Knowing about those issues, maintaining a list, and providing that list to other vendors is helpful, because that results in a list of actionable things.
  • James: The outcome will probably be a list of specs that have a high priority to focus on.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: Building an experimental UA override for Slack. Some basic wpt-sync PR reviews. Diagnosis.
  • James: Fixing wpt sync failure/backlog due to rabbitmq update. Updated proposal for cross-context channels in wpt. Compat 2022.
  • Karl: Review of Jira Issues in Webcompat component. A lot of them are miscategorized. Started a flowchart for webcompat issue . Diagnosis. Discovering Tokyo one bike ride at a time. My plants had a moving house shock. They are on life support.
  • Ksenia: Looking into changing the way issues are filed on through github to address excessive permissons issue. Diagnosis. Also just got a kitty
  • Oana: Triage and moderation, Enterprise testing, Slack Firefox spoofing as Chrome. Preparing the garden for winter.
  • Raul: Triage and moderation, Enterprise testing. Broke my dirt bike (as expected) and I've missed a beautiful sunny weekend in the woods with it
  • Thomas: ETP work, webcompat diagnosis, Fx93 release stuff. Thanksgiving weekend in Canada was nice; lots of walking/hiking in great weather. Allergy season is super long this year
  • Joe:

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

(no more travel until the end of 2021… probably) Coming holidays across the world

  • Oana: PTO 4-5 October, 2021
  • Dennis: Not working Fridays for the rest of the year.