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Scribed by Ksenia

Year 2022 - Projects (karl)

Let's start working on the projects for the new year. If you have more projects you think you would like to work on and these are less than 2 weeks, just create an OKR issue in

  • karl: welcome back. do not hesitate to create new projects and OKRs for 2022 (especially if they're less than 2 weeks)
  • dennis: I appreaciate that we're mostly done with planning instead of just starting to plan now

Diagnosis (karl)

This happened. Let's do something about it. Progressively in the next months. From 117 to 369 (baseline is 77). So from 40 to 292, It means +252 issues, 21 issues per month, which means with 4 persons +5 issues a month per person. It's doable. It means on top or our normal workload we need to address one more issue than normal per week. We can do it.

  • karl: great news that we have less iOS issues. and I'm taking my diagnosis bugs back from dennis

FYI: Adding to codetribute ( 👹 )

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: PTO!
  • James: Updated wpt docs on firefox-source-docs. Interop 2022 stuff. Christmas &c.
  • Karl: Management Reviews and 2 weeks off. worked on Fixed a WebKit C++ bug (?!) for favicons. Personal: blogging.
  • Ksenia: building bugbug models for labels prediction for web bugs and a bit of diagnosis
  • Oana: Triage & moderation. Finished Enterprise Testing and 3rd run for Interventions & UA Overrides check. Beautiful Christmas with snow and then many days of rain.
  • Raul: PTO
  • Thomas: Peer reviews, help Focus team with release blog posts, diagnosis and working on the automated test suite. Coping with indecisive weather, but doing so with gusto (also, I've been informed there was some kind of holiday? I guess that's why I spent some time with my family...)
  • Joe:
  • Paul: PTO + Metrics + Happy New Year :D