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Scribed by James

DEVTOOLS Brainstorm (karl)

What devtools are missing (not specifically for diagnosis) for helping webdevs detect webcompat issues.

  • Karl: We can cooperate with devtools to improve the tools we can use to do diagnosis. But we are also interested in the features that could help web devs find out about potential web compat issues? Two examples: web compat panel which displays CSS features that might create compat issues. This is pretty hidden. WebDriver is another tool to help developers test in Firefox.
  • James: One point of view is that one of the most important things is to get web developers to use Firefox. So just fixing existing DevTools bugs might improve the situation, and if more WebDevs are using Firefox, they might spot WebCompat issues, even without having flashy features. I also think that the testing piece is important, and allowing web developers to test their sites in Firefox is important as well, which we should continue investing in.
  • Karl: If you have other ideas in the future, please bring them forward either to me or in the notes.
  • Karl: Having web compat issues detected inside Chrome might be more valuable
  • jgraham: Not impossible that their devtools team might be interested in that kind of thing.
  • Raul: Remote debugging: in Chrome you can see actual taps, but in Firefox you can't, which makes it harder to use.
  • Tom: Inspector in remote developer tools you can tap on the actual device.
  • Raul: Tapping on desktop display would be more precise.

Metrics Dashboard (SV)

With Paul’s help we’ve been working on some Metrics dashboard (Daily/Weekly/Quarterly/Yearly triage progress, ORK progress) and we'll keep updating them and add new ones, whenever we see a good candidate. For access: - [Link to Data Tables For Metrics]( - [Link to Metrics Dashboard](

  • Oana: Dashboard shows triaged issues each week, and how they're closed. Also provides monthly / quaterly summaries. Also shows number reported / number removed. Also graphs to show the data in a more visual form. Some data for bugzilla cleanup OKR.
  • Karl: Column with needinfo - is that current number, or how many were created?
  • Karl: One third of bugs are being pushed to diagnosis?
  • Oana: Yes.
  • Ksenia: Can everyone access?
  • Oana: Yes, everyone with a Google account.
  • Paul: As data comes in we can adjust the presentation as required to make the data clearer.James ideea might be good, we can maybe split the invalid issues percentages from valid issues percentages. We'll adjust it to see how it looks like.

Firefox Quality Program (jgraham)

Denschub & I spoke to Ania. Questions around our existing quality initatives, and how that fits into the gecko engineering processes. We should discuss how we'd like to see WebCompat work integrated into programmes designed to improve the overall quality of Firefox.

  • James: we tried to explain how we see the role of webcompat wrt user retention. How bugs are prioritized, the workflow. If we had support where would we commit resources, or processes to improve. Should there be more explicit processes?
  • Dennis: Similar to discussion with release management, but this time it's product management rather than release management. Goal is to reduce the number of high priority/serverity issues that we ship. How can we help prevent shipping brokenness. Product Management didn't know about the webcompat priority flag. They have the goal of planning for the future, but we find predicting the future tricky.No concrete action points yet. Still collecting feedback. Expect a followup meeting at some point. Some ideas were around e.g. community project, but we mentioned that we've tried that approach in the past with limited success.
  • jgraham: Should we prepare for this work going forward?
  • Karl: A number of people are currently interested in understanding the shape of our bugs e.g. priority serverity, themes in terms of what components are affected. We should try to better understand these properties ourselves, so that we can identify patterns and use them to suggest priorities for other teams backed by data.
  • Karl: Interested to see how web compat priority correlates with triage owner assigned serverity.

FYI: The Work Highlights document (dennis)

  • Dennis: As per the last meeting, I created a new document to track everyone's weekly highlights - as a combination of our "two minutes" section, and the Brag Document idea. I added the link down below as a replacement of the "Two Minutes". Is everyone fine with this?
  • Dennis: In the actual meeting, we can still go through the list of participant and get everyone a chance to verbally highlight what they did, and also add a personal flavor that's not tracked in the document. :)
  • Dennis: Let's see how this goes. If anyone feels like this isn't a good use of your time, we can revisit this discussion and add the "two minutes" section back in!