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Scribed by Thomas

Welcome Honza (joe) The plan:

  • Step 1: Make sure we're all basically on board with the plan, at least enough to decide to finalize the detail
  • Step 2: Honza starts having 1:1s with the team
  • Step 3: Get to the point where we've decided the plan is good enough to act on
  • Step 4: Complete transition (org-chart, etc) Expect emails from Honza to start scheduling meetings.

WebCompat Knowledge Base (jgraham)

How should we gather the requirements and decide on the right engineering tradeoffs for a webcompat knowledge base?

  • james: should we start a document on how we're going to do it?
  • joe: Hope it won't be too complex to set up. Starter proposal was repo with YAML files because I was hoping it would take a week to setup. Goal is to have more impact on actual bug fixing. Depends on individual engineers being interested in the bugs. Want to improve management level visiblity. Documentation will help.
  • Honza: Document has that the knowledge base and also not implemented APIs. Are they the same?
  • joe: Probably separate. For missing APIs we think we can use existing data sources to find APIs and how often they're used. But seperate.
  • james: we should probably discuss what will the YAML files contain.
  • joe: maybe we (I) can start a doc and we all contribute to it

How to perform a “Fast Response Triage” (joe)

Let's work out how a “Fast Response Triage” would work.

  • Joe: Idea is to handle all recent issues in a short meeting and figure out which ones need urgent action (e.g. intervention). GitHub issues API isn't really designed for very large issue counts.
  • Paul: Have needs-diagnosis milestone on GH.
  • jgraham: Two outcomes, either "fix it now" or stuff that should be added to the backlog and used as input to the database.
  • Joe: What label corresponds to site ranking?
  • Ksenia: Priority. Based on Alexa. We can look up the rules for how sites ranking ends up influencing labels.
  • Joe: Is GH web interface sufficient?
  • Tom: I think the GH UI is a good place to start.
  • Joe: Need to flesh out the document. Figure out which things need immediate fixes.
  • Tom: Is this going to end up setting the priority and serveity fields?
  • jgraham: Could either set a flag label and update the existing labels to the "right" values or add a new label. Advantage of latter is we could correlate with the automatic labels later.
  • Tom: I think the latter could work better.
  • Raul: The QA team is already changing the initial labels.
  • Ksenia: If we add a label we keep the meaning of the priority label as being just about site ranking.
  • Joe: Adding a new label sounds like the safer option.
  • Ksenia: There's also a regression label which we started adding recently. We try to get to those ones faster.
  • Tom: Aslo regressionwindow-wanted. These basically mirror what's in bugzilla.
  • Joe: who adds that?
  • Ksenia: Oana + Raul are now running mozregression where the issue reproduces on nightly but not release.
  • Raul: We are putting all the logs from those runs on the issue. We can only run regression on desktop. Android is more complex.
  • Joe: How many reports are not engine:gecko?
  • James: Most because we have the integration, but it's also possible that bugs against other engines will be filed e.g. against WebKit, don't want to break that.
  • Tom: Some bugs are common to everything that isn't Chrom[e|ium].