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Scribed by James

Knowledge Base Feedback? (dennis)

  • Dennis: Please let me know what you think and what we should change and improve!
  • Dennis: Honza's suggestion about adding more details to breakage reports has a proposal at
  • Dennis: I also filed some bugs about other steps (like setting up automatic merging). Please feel free to contribute both issues and solutions! :)
  • Honza: I have a suggestion which Dennis filed an issue for. Everything from the document seems to be in there.
  • Joe: I submitted a PR, it was accepted.
  • Dennis: I can make schema modifications. I've created issues for adding testing of files against the schema. Also we probably want auto-merging PRs so that not every update requires a review.
  • Joe: Could also push to main.
  • Dennis: But that prevents us running actions on the PR. Mobile are using something called mergify. If anyone wants to work on it please feel free to help out.
  • Honza: Question about the data. Appending data files in directory. What are the rules? Is it one record per YAML file?
  • Dennis: Yes, expecting one issue per file. Schema should enforce this, I think.
  • Honza: Rules for naming?
  • Joe: My example had an obvious name. That might be true for many issues.
  • Dennis: There is usually a specific CSS/DOM feature that we can use as the name field.
  • Joe: Could be cases where it's e.g. a timing issue with no obvious name.
  • Dennis: I'm hoping that we can find things by search rather than name.
  • Tom: Bad name might be a sign that we don't understand well.
  • Dennis: Rules are probably fine.
  • Joe: Suggestion about what we do next. Private browsing mode is popular. Might focus on private browsing mode issues in the short term since that has a lot of webcompat issues.
  • James: I have some questions, but they might be easier to be put into GitHub issues. I looked at an issue, and I wanted to put a link to the Interop 2022 campaign, and there is not any place in the scheme.
  • Dennis: We could create a freeform notes field, but of course it's hard to search for. But this seems like a good use case.
  • jgraham: I will create a GH issue.
  • Joe: I used some embedded HTML. Was that a good idea?
  • Dennis: Maybe we should use markdown instead? But we don't have a pipeline to turn them into anything. No preference at the moment.
  • Joe: Don't want everyone to do different things.
  • Dennis: HTML can be verbose and hard to grep. Markdownish might be better.
  • Tom: Do we want to embed this or add attachments for things like testcases?
  • Joe: I just wanted to use ```` for highlighting.
  • Tom: We could use pseudo-markdown for now. Is that yaml compatible?
  • Dennis: Maybe? Adding fewer characters is better.
  • Joe: I wanted to type `overflow: overlay` and that turned into YAML markup.
  • Dennis: Quoting the string is safe...
  • Joe: I managed to fix it somehow and the schema helped avoid a bigger error.
  • Honza: I like the idea of attachments e.g. screenshots.
  • Dennis: Joe added a full HTML testcase. That's in a `testcases` root folder. We could create an `attachments` folder too. Subdirectory name should match YAML name.
  • James: There probably should be not many cases that have the testcase in the repository, but instead it should be a link to Bugzilla, a WPT, or ...
  • Joe: I will move my testcase into bugzilla.
  • Dennis: From experience gecko engineers are great at simplifying testcases.
  • Tom: and expanding them into more related edge cases.
  • Dennis: Please create issues for other ideas.
  • James: Did you figure out the GH code editor / schema issue?
  • Dennis: It seems like the extension isn't compatible with browser APIs. It might be fixable, but I'm not sure.
  • James: Could we publish the schema over HTTP?
  • Dennis: Yes, that would work, but setting up the GH pages would be quite a lot of overhead.
  • Dennis: If you haven't seen the GitHub editor, on GH press "." and a hosted VSCode instance will open in the browser and allow you to edit files.

Private Browsing mode breakage (Joe)

  • Tom: DOM APIs broken mostly to do with storage e.g. Cache, ServiceWorkers, IndexedDB. This mostly depends on the storage team having a backend that can work in Private Browsing mode. Hard to ship interventions for this, especially if we don't want to just use a memory-based implementation. Sites also detect private browsing via these APIs. We can patch that more easily if it's just detection. Smartblock has some fixes for things that aren't storage related. There are already bugs filed for storage issues. Bumping priority of those will be important for compat.
  • Joe: Suppose all of the storage issues are fixed. What else is there?
  • Tom: There might not be a lot of other stuff that's unique to private browsing and isn't seen in ETP. Might need to either relax tracking protection, or proxy requests. Sites rely on the tracking resources loading. Might need an opt-in? But expect once storage is fixed most issues will be common to private browsing / ETP.

W3C TPAC 2022 (Honza)

* Is anybody interested in attending [TPAC]( in person? * Scheduled for 12-16 September 2022, Vancouver BC, Canada * Brianna is particularly interested in coordinating anyone who wants to do this: Home --> TPAC (Vancouver) --> Hawaii --> Home

  • James: I'm thinking about maybe going, but not decided yet. Might go to Hawaii and TPAC or neither.
  • Tom: Also maybe, if needed.
  • Dennis: Similar to James.

Workweek (Honza)

* There is a conversation in DevTools team to have a workweek * Perhaps doing one together? * But AllHands is coming quickly and it's difficult to find time slot over summer (PTOs, etc.)

  • Honza: Could be after all hands. Is it interesting? Could be good to have a joint meeting with other devtools team members.
  • James: I'm more inclined to go to stuff in Europe, because that's probably easier to most of the people.
  • Tom: Agreed.
  • Dennis: I find team workweeks productive, and there would be less travel. Would be good to meet people.
  • Tom: I'm just worried about travel fatigue. Wouldn't want to go to All Hands / TPAC and work week in close succession. Could do constant zoom meetings.
  • Honza: Devtools is entirely Europe, so Berlin is first option. Some people not going to AH. Don't know if we can find a slot over the summer given PTO, but I'll investigate. Would have to happen closer to end of year.
  • Dennis: Not Dec-Feb, it's too cold :)