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Scribed by Dennis

ETP issues and caching (SV)

Some sites are broken due to ETP (usually Strict), but after disabling and enabling it again, the issue no longer reproduces. E.g. (

  • Workaround: clearing cache, the issue reproduces again with ETP - Strict. This probably needs some investigation on the ETP side, while changing states cache should be cleared.
  • oana: Tom are you aware of this behavior?
  • Tom: I don't know off the top of my head. Those bugs are possible. I haven't been able to find a specific cause we could fix. The only two bugs I know about are minor: when you first start up Firefox, there's a chance for shims/overrides not to be effective yet. [didn't catch a couple of seconds because my headset decided to turn off] Please file bugs if you notice those issues, so we can take a close look at it. Maybe we'll find a common cause, but it's hard to tell if this is actually related to caching, or some thing the site does.
  • Oana: We have collected some issues collected already, and we'll continue collecting.
  • Tom: A second issue we know is related to Cookie Consent Banners. They're frequently served from a third-party domain. Total Cookie Protection might block that, and we might run into weird states where the opt-in doesn't show up, or doesn't work properly, or doesn't close.
  • Tom: If you notice anything where ETP is causing something to intermittently fail, ping me!