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Scribed by Ksenia

iOS issues approach (SV)

We have received an issue coming from Firefos iOS repository, but issues that are reproducible for Firefox iOS are being moved by us to the iOS repository, and not in our `needsdiagnosis milestones`:

Should we continue to move reproducible issues for Firefox iOS to the Firefox iOS repository? If yes, can we also let the Firefox iOS team about this, so their are aware of our flow, instead of them moving valid issues to our repository?

Oana: iOS was dropped from our team. We just move them to their repository. We have a Firefox iOS channel for webcompat on Slack (#webcompat-firefoxios ), but there is no activity there.

Link to iOS repository:

tom: I think we should move it to their repository, that what we agreed on last. honza: did we have meetings with the iOS team in the past? tom: yes, I've attended them. I'm going to contact someone from the team and get some insight honza: maybe we could have the meetings again tom: yes, we could try that. we need to start a dialog to see what we should about these incoming issues

Re-checking ETP issues (SV)

We are considering re-checking ETP issues if they are reproducible or not from our Bugzilla Anti-Tracking component, as part of OKRs for Q4, 2022.

oana: Tom do you consider this useful at this time or should we consider it for next year only?

tom: the anti-tracking team considers standard-mode issues important, but I believe strict-mode-only ones are generally assigned a severity quickly, and do not require a round of re-checking anytime soon after that. So we can skip non-standard issues if they have a severity of s2 or lower, and I don't think there are too many bugs left as s1 or which are standard-mode-only. we have triage and diagnosis meeting every week, so I don't think there is too much value in going over them again.

oana: most of the reports we get is related to private or strict mode tom: I'd say private is more important over strict mode. As long as it is on bugzilla and there is a severity set, it's not worth retesting