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Scribed by Honza

BigQuery & HTTPArchive Training (Honza)

  • Presenters: Brian Grinstead, Will Stuckey
  • ~1 hour, recorded
  • Required prerequisite reading: Big WebCompat Questions for HTTPArchive
    • BigQuery - setup access for HTTP Archive (UX steps)
    • Basic example queries (basic HTTP Archive querying)
    • How to limit amount of processed data (TABLE SAMPLE, temporary datasets)
    • WebPageTest (custom metrics and Injected Scripts)
    • WebCompat Example Queries (should be based on what you’ve done, TODO)
  • Read more
  • Pilot with the WebCompat team (likely in Berlin)

QA: Verification of old needsdiagnosis issues (Honza)

  • Full query (anonymous + user reports) (179 issues atm)
  • OKR
  • Raul & Calin - starting with user reports and tracking progress in this spreadsheet

Issues that are reported in both GitHub and Bugzilla, under the Webcompat Product (SV)

For issues that have been reported on both Bugzilla (under the webcompat component) and Github, and both are open, how should we handle them? Close one bug in favour of another as a Duplicate?

Context:, and, and

List of some bugs for the whole year 2022 that are both in Bugzilla and Github (coresponding Github report is in "See also"):


  • Dennis There are usually bugzilla reports for important sites. Usually I close the bugzilla issue and keep the GH, but it's also possible to keep both open. But this is an exception and only important for important sites.
  • Raul QA can just move those cases into needs-diagnoses and the team can do the right thing.