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  • Scribed by Thomas
  • Facilitated by Ksenia

Prerender 2 feature & WebCompat (Honza)

Bgrins and Nika have been working on analysis for Chrome's [prerender feature]( and identified couple of small compat risks

Feature summary: Prendering involves loading a document in a special mode where it’s not displayed to the user, but is fully loading and executing scripts.


  • Perceived performance might be potentially much worse(in Firefox) than in Chrome when navigating to prerendered page (Safari isn't supporting this atm)
  • New WebExtension API are introduced by chrome, which can trigger compat issues. Firefox needs to implement those in order to keep Chrome extensions working in Firefox (loading and executing content scripts when prerendering a page).


  • Honza: we should be ready for perf reports, and also have the addons team implement the extension APIs that are missing (dummy versions etc).

Issues reproducible on Release, but not on Nightly(SV)

Usually we close such issues as Won't fix, but can we ask for a second opinion (maybe a patch/uplift could solve the fix on the next Release version - helping user retention) before closing issues that are reproducible in the Release version and not on the Nightly version, for known pages?