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  • Scribed by Ksenia
  • Facilitated by James

User Satisfaction Survey (Honza)

The UX research team is organizing a survey for measuring satisfaction and perceived performance, reliability and webcompat.

It's designed to assess user attitudes toward Firefox and measure how those attitudes change over time. The survey will run cross countries/browsers/devices.

What do you think about the following questions related to webcompat? Which one do you think can provide most useful results? Any better suggestions?

The result will be on a scale [Strongly Disagree ←→ Strongly Agree] Note that shorter questions tends to work better.

  • 1. Websites always work well in Firefox
  • 2. All the sites I need work well in Firefox
  • 3. Websites always work as expected in Firefox
  • 4. Firefox works on every site
  • 5. Firefox works as expected
  • 6. Firefox works for all the sites I visit

Comments collected:

  • add #1)
  • add #2) Votes: Dennis, Tom, Ksenia, Raul
  • add #3) Votes: Ksenia
  • add #4)
  • add #5) Not web compat question
  • add #6) Votes: Tom, Ksenia, Raul

Perhaps add: 7. All the websites I use work well in Firefox (but, maybe the site is just bad and doesn't work well in other browsers) 8. I sometimes have to use a non-Firefox browser to make sites work well

  • honza: could we agree on 3 best suggestions?
  • dennis: I like #2 and also like James's idea in #8
  • james: are questions finalized, or we have freedom to come up with our own question?
  • honza: the survey will run cross country in 5 countries in different browsers too, across different devices
  • tom: to get useful data, we could ask "are there sites that don't work in Firefox, so you have to use a different browser?"
  • james: what about people who don't use Firefox, the question has to be phrased diffently
  • honza: we could suggest #2 and #8
  • calin: I think #8 is the most useful and it would be nice to learn what the issues are
  • tom: we also could mention
  • james: the survey likely meant to be short

Google Workspace offline (jgraham)

Renewed interest in figuring out how to support this for gmail/docs/drive. suggests gmail at least works with UA spoofing. Can we do more manual testing here to inform outreach / discussion?

  • james: maybe we could discuss the best approach how to test it
  • raul: yes, we are happy to do it
  • james: we should come up with a test plan based on what works in Chrome vs Firefox when we spoof as Chrome
  • honza: yeah we should undersrand what "offline" feature includes for various product (gdrive, gmail, gdocs)
  • james: from what Karl tried, the simple workflow in gmail works (with spoofing)
  • raul: we can create a document and see which features exist in Chrome
  • dennis: we might need to prepare a try build with a complete UA override (ad they might check window.navigator as well)
  • james: probably worth trying spoofing just with the header
  • dennis: just to make sure, the plan to just test and not ship the override :)
  • james: yes, this is just to start a conversation with Google to know what we're missing
  • honza: are some required features still under pref
  • tom: this might be relying on service worker caches (not working well in private browsing), worth testing it so the storage team knows what to prioritize
  • james: probably simple testing is enough without getting too deep so we can start the conversation with Google