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  • Scribe: Honza
  • Chair: Tom

WebCompat Knowledge Base NG PRD (Honza)

  • honza: If you have thoughts, please add them to the document.
  • James: Do we want to collect email addresses. Any concersn there (we could associated other telemetry data with it). We should also communicate our plans to the data team.

Unsupported Browser Report (jgraham)

  • James: We noticed this trend in 2022. We thought more sites are not supporting Firefox. And the questions I tried to answer in the doc is what we can see in the collected data.
  • James: The observations are the same. The amount of reports is going up. The picture is a bit different when excluding dups (see the doc). There is a big increase in 2023, so again it indicates there is real increas in amount of sites not supporting Firefox.
  • James: Mobile vs. Desktop, the trend appears to exists on Desktop. We could try to do some analysis on this. But, it isn't clear whether we have enough data to come up with some reasonable results.
  • James: What can/should we be doing? Reach out to site owners? (small sucess rate). Ship interventions. Bobby thinks we should ship more interventions in general.
  • Tom: This sounds a bit worrying. E.g. med sites providing wrong/mangled data might cause more damage.
  • Dennis: Devs who block us already ignore us. So, if there is even a small chance we can fix something with an intervention we should try it. And we can see if someone gets angry on us
  • James: Another example is bank sites where an intervention could cause payment to go to anther account, but could that happen? How often? Are there legal issues?
  • Tom: Go for it
  • James: There is a chance that user can be more frustrated, but... If we can't test we can't tell.
  • James: part of the report is not comparison of why sites are blocking Firefox (technical reasons like missing features vs. non technical reasons like business decisions)
  • James: KB NG should help with that comparison
  • James: We are missing DevRel and we should do more deloper outreach to learn more about the context (why developers don't support Firefox)
  • Tom: Surveys that would provide more data about "not supporting Firefox" is a business decision.
  • Tom: We could target the survey (send it to the site who don't support Firefox?)
  • James: Part of the data we could get is amount of "We don't support Firefox since its market share is too low"
  • Dennis: It would be interesting to know numbers for Desktop vs. Mobile (proportianal number of reports)
  • Dennis: It's complex question and we can try to anwer specific questions if there are any later.
  • James: the trend is clear for this year
  • James: total number of reports hasn't changed much.

PSA: future WebCompat addon updates for Fenix/MV3 (tom)

  • Tom: Fenix team: there is a plan to migrate addons to "events pages". We need to have bette idea of what is needed to do here. It'll likely happens (for us) in Q3/Q4