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  • Scribe: Tom
  • Chair: Ksenia

Next State of WebCompat Report (Honza)

  • [Draft] State of WebCompat Report Template Q1 2023 ([doc](
  • Honza: as I've mentioned last time, we've done several analyses, so I've added a few sections to a draft document with some basic data sources and summaries. We need details filled out and for it to be polished. James can do the interop2023 section, Tom and Simon the Safari/Bocoup section, etc. Hope to have something relatively ready by the end of the week. Next Tuesday we can decide if it's publishable yet. If there are any other sections we'd like to add, or even change or drop some things that are already there, let's go ahead.

PSA: Support for Android in the web-compat addon testing framework has landed (Tom)

JS Tracer, update (Alex)

What's new with JSTracer feature in DevTools, update. (Demo given, of new hotkey control-shift-5 to toggle tracing)

  • Alex: adding write-to-file support is proving trickier than hoped, but there is a patch semi-ready for logging to stdout with working links. During startup, Firefox will now interpret links passed via the command line of the form `-url "url:1:1"` and open them in the debugger. Also which mode you have enabled now persists across Firefox restarts (stdout vs console). Perf improvements also recently landed for logging to the console, it's like night and day even if stdout logging is still quicker. In addition there is a privileged console API (startTracing) now available to trace chrome JS, but it's not accessible yet from web content (console.jsTrace or similar will take more time to figure out).

Privileged API:

 const {
 } = ChromeUtils.import("resource://devtools/server/tracer/tracer.jsm");
 startTracing({ prefix: "testPrefix" });