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  • Scribe: Honza
  • Chair: Dennis

State of WebCompat report (jgraham)

  • Anything missing?
  • Do we want a conclusions section?


  • SV: Apart from the issues regarding Firefox not being supported, should we include also issues where videos are failing to play? We have seen that media playback is mentioned in the report, but only regarding the quality of the content.

We have used the Trends label to compile a [list]( of top 5 issues observed using them, by number of issues received, maybe that would be useful to include in the report? ​ ​

  • James: We were talking last week about sending out the report this week.
  • James. One thing missing is that there is no conclusion (there is bunch or reports/surveys). And it could be useful to have a summary at the end. Highlights important things that will be important after Interop 2023, etc.
  • James: But, what the conclusion should contain?
  • Dennis: The draft from James looks great.
  • Simon: What are the next steps for the user studey. There is no list of specific issues.
  • James: The study wasn't published yet and what we have is list of free form responses (related to WebCompat).
  • Honza: The conclusion is a good idea. Not sure how much time we have to work on that as we want to publish it this week. The draft from James looks good. Maybe we could create a list of issues per team, but that might be too much work. The plan is to share the document with Maire and Joe first, give her some time to read through, and provide some early feedback on it. She can then share the document with more people in the right meetings. So we still have some time to work on this before it goes public.
  • James: When did you plan to send it to them?
  • Honza: Today or Tomorrow.
  • James: I'll paste in what I proposed on Slack, probably at the top so that the summary is first. If Maire and Joe have feedback, we can change. We can also say that we plan to add a list of issues per team.
  • Raul: Will this report be done yearly?
  • Honza: The plan was to do it quarterly. There is no hard deadline, it depends on if we have enough content.
  • Raul: We were thinking about aligning our Top x OKRs to the report, so we can use the results in there.
  • Honza: Aligning sounds like a good idea, and thinking about how we could put the outcomes into the report. We can also compare those results with the results from other studies, like the Safari platform gap analysis.
  • Raul: We also made a list of the top issues based on the trend labels. Some stuff is already mentioned in there, like the "browser unsupported" issues - but maybe not all, like media playback issues.
  • James: Media playback is partially reflected, but that might be a good thing to link to from the report as well.
  • Honza: We can add this as one sentence into the summary or something, if it fits.

​ ​​

User Reporting Tool Data (Honza)

Data WebCompat team needs to store together with (new) user reports for further analysis. Summary [doc]( by Tom. ​

  • Honza: We had a meeting last week. One of the action items was to compile a list of data we need. Tom created a list of preferences that would be interesting. I want to make sure the list is complete, so we can share the list to others.
  • Tom: Just for reference, the data team provided us with a list of existing telemetry fields of the old system that are not yet in the new system, which we could use, but someone would have to migrate the probes. Please take a look at the document. The first section summarizes which data we are interested in. The other two parts describe data from `about:support`, and things we're currently getting via the addon, but I'm not sure if they're covered by telemetry yet. If we're no longer intersted in a specific data point, removing it would make the implementation easier. If there's anything to be removed or added, please leave a comment in the document
  • Honza: I'd like to share this document ASAP. Please have a look at the document and leave comments by Thursday.
  • Raul: Is there any input needed from us?
  • Tom: If you have some time, have a look at the document and see if you need additional data that would help you to confirm/reproduce a report, or stuff that makes your work easier. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

​ ​