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  • Scribe: Ksenia
  • Chair: Honza

Performance Cycle H1 2023 (Honza)

  • Performance assessments continues to be grounded in goal achievement and impact
  • It's based on the What (what was accomplished) and How (how it was accomplished)

Self Reflection

  • What - Reflecting on the goals you set for the period, describe the measurable progress or outcomes of those goals. Please include examples of the impact of this work on the team or broader organization.
  • How - How Mozillians achieve their goals is as important as what they accomplish. Please describe some examples of how you achieved your goals in alignment with the appropriate CLGs.
  • Development (past 6 months) - What progress have you made on your developmental goal(s) over the past 6 months? Please share any educational activities, development programs or relevant industry events etc. that you engaged with that were the most impactful for you. Briefly explain how this growth has positively impacted your performance or will help you achieve future goals.
  • Development (next 6-12 months) - What skills or specific work projects do you plan to work on (or to develop) over the next 6-12 months? How do these contribute to the success of your team, the business and/or your career aspirations? Describe how this work or skill acquisition will impact your team, our business results, or your career aspirations.

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