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  • Scribe: James
  • Chair: Honza

Reporting Tool (Honza)

Knowledge Base (Honza)

  • Status?
  • Dennis (Async): Ksenia made amazing progress on the Bugzilla importer. Tom is working on the CrUX pipeline (but was super busy with other things, so there wasn't too much progress there, yet). Hoping to have something nice to show off at this week's KB Engineering Sync meeting. :)
  • Tom Focusing on interventions release. Fixing a problem with Reddit. Landing patches, avoiding bitrot
  • Ksenia Bugzilla importer, almost done, creating PR calling for feedback. Breakage bugs table is empty as we don't have them yet (those that were reported through the simplified workflow on

Regression finding from Softvision (Dennis, but someone else has to take this item because Dennis isn't here 👻)

Dennis: We had the idea that Softvision folks can, if they want and have the time for it, run `mozregression` if they find something that looks like a regression. Finding the exact regression window during the triage time would reduce the reporting latency by a lot. Dennis: Is this a good idea? Should we do that? How?

  • Tom Recent discussion: Shouls SV team run mozregression tool during the traige? It makes sense since the team knows how to reproduce those issues. The question is where is the balance
  • Raul Only for desktop. When a regression is found we'll send a message to the Slack channel.
  • Tom We should create a new Slack channel. The channel will be using for coordination about who's running the regression tools. TODO: Tom, create the channel, name: webcompat-issue-triage? And invite all into it. We can use it for regressions and also for other conversations about issues.

Automatic font sizing (SV)

The automatic font sizing creates in some cases webcompat issue, breaks the design on some pages. Context: [1845917](

  • Calin Broken zoom, font broken (zoom > 100%). Could we somehow disable auto font sizing? It's mobile only.
  • Raul A lot of users complaining about this.
  • Tom We should raise this with the Fenix team. And highlight that this is worrying.
  • Raul Calin noticed that while back, we don't have numbers about how many users is impacted.
  • Calin Happens in Chrome too, sometimes.
  • Tom Tom will reach out to the Fenix team, but Calin should provide more and actionable data first.