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  • Scribe: James
  • Chair: Honza

Reporting Tool (Tom)


  • Tom: Demoing new NG WebCompat reporting tool
  • Tom: Help menu -> Report broken site
  • Tom: Hamburger menu -> Report broken site
  • Tom: Shield Icon ->
  • Tom: Collecting URL, optional description.
  • Tom: Currently working on hookik it up with telemetry
  • Tom: There is also a link "Send more info" pointing to
  • Tom: There is also planned experiment
  • Tom: Testing whether we should or should not show list of categories the user can/must select from
  • Tom: Dark/light modes supported as well
  • Tom: UX almost done
  • Paul: involved in the experiment together with another team. Will also test the telemetry part
  • Paul: Experiment, 7 days enrolment (people are not immediately updating Firefox)
 ** Shipping the feature will likely happen in Fx121 
  • Paul: QA happens before the experiment
  • Tom: The reporter is desktop only