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  • Scribe: Dennis
  • Chair: Dennis

SoWC report Q1 (Honza)

  • Honza: We created a sorted table of features. We also used the platform gap table. It's not pointing to bugs, but rather to features. Do you think it's possible to look at that table, and see which is fixed or in progress? I know that some stuff is fixed, like css `:has()`, ...
  • Honza: It would be interesting to know the progress, see the success rate. Could we match that to Bugzilla?
  • James: Yes. It's a bit of work, but it should be tracked in Bugzilla.
  • Dennis: Things that aren't implemented should be kb entries so we can track them.
  • Honza: We could also use Tom's Safari release note analysis
  • Tom: Yeah. And that's not just features, but also interop issues.

Interop 2024 proposal selection (James)

  • James: (see the internal spreadsheet)
  • James: The proposal time has come to an end, all the proposals should be in. People should be able to adjust them until this Thursday. The idea is that after that, we'll start doing the actual selection based on what's in the proposals.
  • James: This year, the process has become a bit more complicated and multi-staged. In the first instance, each participant should select 40 proposals we think are worth being part. Each proposal can be smaller than a full focus area, but they'll be combined later. The deadline is around the start of November, so two weeks after this Thursday.
  • James: Once everyone has selected proposals, all the things that everyone selected is put forward, and partiicpants have to put up a list of prioritized proposals. We then start filling the list starting at the highest priorities, but people can object to things being added.
  • James: From our POV, there's a couple of parts where we need to help. We want to make it easy to select the proposals we want to support, and we should set the priority order later in the process. I have imported the full list of proposals into an internal Slack channel. The data isn't perfect, and might need manual updating, but the list is complete. I think we want to add the other data we have (why we think why stuff should be a priority). So we should add stuff from the Feature Gap Analysis, we should add data we have from the KB where things cause breakage. I'll add some columns ("is feature gap"/"is webcompat priority") to track that, but feel free to add your own/make suggestions if you have ideas. We need to go through those and fill in the data.
  • Honza: What's the deadline?
  • James: I'll check what the official deadlines are. The first deadline is the disqualification: if we think something isn't worthy of a proposal (hard to test, negative standards position), Oct 19th is the deadline to object. Nov 2nd is where we hae to select the 40 proposals. Nov 30th is the deadline for the prioritized list and final decisions.
  • Honza: Should we have another column for vetos in the spreadsheet?
  • James: That's something we need at some point. People have seperated "I'm vetoing this because it's a bad proposal" vs "I'm vetoing this because we don't plan to work on that", and we might need two columns for that.
  • James: We'd need to track if things are in the "top 40", there will be a list of proposals that get removed in a couple of rounds, we can have a column to hide things, but we need to track the things that we need to prioritize.
  • James: That's less urgent. In the short term, we need to fill in the proposals we think should be disqualified (no spec, no tests, untestable, overly vague/broad, ...). That's the first thing. At the same time, we should start collecting the data that allows us to pick the Top 40, and later on prioritize those proposals. I'll add columns for this to the sheet.
  • James: There are 100'ish proposals, so we should tackle this in a way that doesn't require last minute decisions from other teams.