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  • Scribe: James
  • Chair: Tom

Web Developer Needs in Browser Tooling (Honza)

Internal web-dev survey. Understand Developer Needs in Browser Tooling and explore the preferences and challenges web developers face with current browser tools. Any suggestions for questions to be asked?

  • Honza: Planning to talk to developers inside Mozilla. Going to ask about tooling, Firefox developer tools, what's in other browsers, what we can improve. Will also ask about pain points and challenges related to testing, how they resolve compat issue. Do they use tools like pUppeteer? Get feedback on our priorities. See what people think about devtools to validate assumptions and get input. Are there other questions that we should be asking? Expect the meetings to be over the next couple of weeks. Anyone specific I should talk to? Any compat related questions that are particuarly interesting?
  • Tom: Could ask about UA Strings. Do they do browser sniffing? Are they using client hints in Chrome support?
  • Tom: What about partners?
  • Honza: Focus is on internal developers for now. But there has been other work there.
  • Honza: Let me know if you have ideas.

Interop 2024 (jgraham)

We have the list of viable focus area proposals; next step is to select the ones that we want to support and then set priorities.

  • James: technical elimination process happened, removing proposals that don't meet the criteria for Interop

Next, select 40 proposals, there is an internal sheet. Please make sure that anything which is a compat issue is flagged so that we give it the right priority.