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  • Scribe: Ksenia
  • Chair: James

New Reporting Tool (Honza)

  • Available in Nightly!
  • Next steps for "Report Broken Site"?
  • Do we see the reports?
  • Ksenia: Don't see any reports yet.
  • Tom: Tests coverage, mostly small changes. Other than that we need to start thinking whether we want it on Android (it's available in the code to port it, but we need an UI).
  • Honza: Do we have a bugzilla component for it?
  • Tom: We can use our own component for that.
  • Ksenia: I'll check where the data is

Storage in PBM (Honza)

  • What is the state of web compat?
  • Can we review list of broken sites?
  • Are we getting reports?
  • Honza: What is the state here?
  • Tom: We didn't have much time to work on it. One example is imgur shim that was broken for some time (Rob Wu helped to fix that). We need to look over filed bugs to see what the state is. We need to make sure that someone is having an eye on these bugs since I'm not sure if antitracking team is looking at them.

  • Honza: Basically we need to do a triage
  • Tom: Yeah and other than that we can wait for other fixes for PBM and

correlate them with existing bugs and decide what needs a site patch and what is already fixed.

  • James: The meta bug should be closed and we should go through the list of webcompat issues that linked to it and validate / move them to other opened bugs if they are still reproducible.
  • Honza: is there anything on GitHub issues?
  • Tom: There could be.
  • Raul: We haven't seen any recently, but when we do, we move them to bugzilla or close them as duplicates.

  • Tom: Most of the remaining issues seem to be with Firebase

Performance Cycle H2 2023 (Honza)

  • Schedule
  • Honza: There are some actions in the document.

Reports where the page presents loads of pop-ups (SV)

Can we close such issues as invalid, as they are a high security risk, due to numerous pop-ups being present? This targets both not being able to play/trigger something on the page due to pop-ups (page looks normal) or when the page shows at the first access loads of dodgy pop-ups.

  • James: The only concern if they present popups in Firefox and not Chrome, but otherwise they can be closed. In case there is a pattern where Chrome is removing those and Firefox is not.
  • Raul: Also we've seen some pages that ask for permissions to enable notifications, we're going to close those.