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This is the agenda and logistics page for Web Compatibility Team Work Week meeting in London (UK) from June 13 to June 17, 2015.


  • Location: London, UK (Tea and Biscuits)


  • Karl Dubost
  Arrival: Monday, June 13 (probably Boat from France + Train to London)
  Departure: Saturday, June 18 (Train + Boat)
  • Mike Taylor
  Arrival: Monday morning, June 13
  Departure: (Will be taking PTO from Saturday June 18 -> Thursday)
  • Hallvord Steen
  Arrival: Monday, June 13, 10:20 (LHR)
  Departure: Thursday, June 16th, 11:20 (LHR)
  • Adam Stevenson
  Arrival: Monday, June 13 (probably flight from France)
  Departure: (Will be taking PTO from Saturday June 18 -> Saturday June 25)
  • Guillaume Demesy
  Arrival: 13 june: 13h30 London St-Pancras (Londres)
  Departure: 18 june: 07h52 London St-Pancras (Londres)



Mon, June 13, 2016

Welcome everyone.

Tue, June 14, 2016

14:00 - 15:00 Web Compat Team Working Hours
16:30 - 18:00 Web Compat Team Working Hours

Wed, June 15, 2016

13:00 - 18:00 Web Compat Team Working Hours

Thu, June 16, 2016

14:00 - 16:30 Web Compat Team Working Hours

Fri, June 17, 2016

14:00 - 18:00 Web Compat Team Working Hours

Sat, June 18, 2016

Topics Bank

Use the following template in one of the section below:

 ==== Topic ====
 Description with [ links] when necesssary


Usability testing for

Usability testing of our various "report a site problem" features (aiming to streamline as much as possible). I suggest we list or set up couple of pages that have known bugs/brokenness, and challenge random all-hands participants to load URLs and report the problems, then observe them using either extensions, the firefox:input feature or the form.

Better filtering UI for

Better filtering UI on is very important. I'll keep nagging about until we get it right.

[DONE] development conventions -- what works and what can be improved

Pull Requests Format

I would like to write a script which generates changelog.

  • pull request number URI
  • issue number being fixed
  • short description of the change

When miketaylr creates a pull request. The title is "Fix #issue_number. Short description". Bad example.

Agreed Format. "Fixes #issue_number Short description"

Pull Requests Merging

If you are merging a pull request.

  • add the addtochangelog label

Pull Requests Labels

Guillaume will propose a taxonomy of labels.

Commit messages

"#issue_number short description"

Prefer atomic commits to large commits, there are easier to review and manage.

Tests and Pull Requests

When submitting a Pull request for python or JavaScript code, run the test before.

[DONE] 🛠 Moving bug stage labels to milestones for

Issue 886 on moving the status of issues from label to Milestones in Github.

Mike explains how labels and milestones are working on Github. Milestones prevent to be in two states. So we are thinking of getting rid of status-* to move milestones. To change a milestone, the issue API has a PATCH method.

We moved issues 886 to London Milestones.

  • RESOLUTION: We ditch the label status-* in favor of milestones.
  • ACTION: deepthi to fix 975, before moving to milestones.
  • ACTION: miketaylr to erase the status-* labels on the repo.
  • ACTION: miketaylr to fix functional tests for labels->milestones.

How might we collect mail addresses associated with anon reports?

Issue 457 discusses whether and how we should do this. A face-to-face discussion would be good.

Review the backlog of issues

(by karl) Using this issues list, what do we keep, reorganize, erase?

Expectations for NeedsDiagnosis

As a group we do not share the same expectations for what should be in needsdiagnosis state, and what it should not. It would be good to discuss it so we have a kind of agreement about it. For example, this was switched to needscontact without where in the scripts it is bogus. It's just a general description of the issue.

  • What are the entrance criteria for needsdiagnosis flag?
  • What are the entrance criteria for needscontact flag?

Classes of WebCompat Issues

A discussion has been started on the list about classifying the issues for WebCompat. There are probably multiple answers.

  • A brainstorming in our team would be to define what we consider a Web Compat issue and that should help rationalize our answers to the rest of Mozilla and Public.
  • We should also probably survey people at Mozilla.
  • Also wondering if a usability study could be done in cooperation with Mozilla UX team

Measuring compatibility (and progress)

How can we programmatically determined if Firefox is compatible with some content. How a specific version would break or not on sites? Mike prototyped something.

  • Automation Looking at the DOM, HTTP, CSS and JS: what are interesting data points to record for comparison and tracking over time?
  • Matching/diffing error messages from Gecko and WebKit: can we write some code that can give us a meaningful diff and tell us what errors happened in engine A but not in B? (new Compatipede analysis module?)
  • What should our approach be to automating *interactivity*: for automated tests, such as automated log-in? (discussion, hack session)
  • Detect Web regressions (by lmandel): talked on and off about getting better web compat data to use for

release criteria. How can we detect web regressions due to changes in Gecko? How can we detect new Gecko specific issues due to site changes? How do we quantify this in a way that helps us focus on fixing these problems before we release?

Structured Triage (bugzilla and

Expectations in the Team how the triage should happen. Adam highlighted how we can be slow. If we are able to respond quickly, we have a good contacts with people.

Tracking Protection Bugs

(by Adam) Determine if we should be focusing on this. There are more users enabling this function now and many things are broken. Also if we do decide to try, what is the message for outreach? Ask Brad who would be relevant in the discussions

Other stats

We can create some spin-off statistics for purposes that are not strictly compat but "nearby" like memory usage. How, and what's important? Memory usage? Can we measure jank? Scroll performance?

Trending Content

(by Adam) We have focused on top sites but a lot of trending or temporary content could be breaking without knowledge. Recently there was a Buzzfeed issue. Promotional landing pages fall off the radar as well.

Removing -webkit- support

Is there such a thing as removing support for -webkit-blah in Gecko when we notice that it's not necessary anymore? When do we think/how do we find out it will not be necessary anymore. Related to telemetry CSS.

Firefox for Android UA override

Firefox Android UA override infrastructure, policy. aka `-webkit-` will sometimes only work in combination with UA override. Fix first then contact, Fix and not contact, etc?

Can we contribute more to DevTools QA?

(by hallvord) It would be good as a Team to understand how we are using the devtools.

Useful warning/error messages in the console.

(by Karl)

If you compare the Chrome/Safari/Firefox devtools, you may notice some differences in the treatment of warning/error messages in the console. The messages are often on the tone of this is wrong, but not that much on how to fix it, except for a couple. In the CSS world, it's often common for people to add plenty of vendor prefixes and these are reported as warnings such as

  • Expected media feature name but found '-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio'.
  • Expected media feature name but found '-moz-min-device-pixel-ratio'.
  • Something more like a lint flag with URIs to how to fix the mistakes.

WebCompat work sharing what we do

A distributed team is working well when we are all sharing what we learn about the project and our actions. Hallvord and Karl are sharing through minutes and blogs otsukare whatcouldbewrong. How do we discover about the work of Adam (meetings with desktop, access to physicial meeting in Toronto) and Mike (commits on Gecko/Platform). Some of these are sometimes popping up through discussions but were not necessary shared in advance. So basically how do we better work together?

💡 Development

Deployment scripts for

(when miketaylr is on holidays or sick) See Also

Merging PR for

(when miketaylr is on holidays or sick) How do we manage the PR merging and its conflicts for deploying.

💡 Community

-webkit- prefixes impact and practical Web Authoring

(by Jet Villegas). Probably needs MDN and DevRel

  • Are Web Designers already authoring *only* for Webkit/Blink today?
  • How should this affect our choices re: Web standards to adopt/reject?
  • How can we help authors "do the right thing?"

MDN Doc Prioritization

(by Jeremie Patonnier) See his email

  • What are the most common web compat issues ?
  • What information is missing to web dev to solve such issues ?
  • What kind of arguments is provided to NOT fix a compatibility issue ?
  • (And do you already have answers to those arguments?)

Training contributors to triage and do outreach

Probably better documentation on how to better train people.

New hire(s).

  • Meeting time for webcompat.

IRC bot and IRC Web Archive

Some contributor expressed the desire to be able to read the logs of our IRC channel.

  • Archives of logs == Good 1. history of our discussions we can point to with proper URI. 2. Could minute the webcompat meeting directly on IRC (W3C style). Bad 1. soft opacity has a benefit for certain jokes and discussions to not be broadcast and shared with only the people in the room. 2. Might create expectations of work stable information on the channel instead of bug trackers, mails, etc. so create another source where to look for information.
  • Bot == 1. tools giving information for leaving messages to people in the future (answering machine). 2. Giving information about bugs when typing number (Github and Bugzilla) 3. Meeting logs for minutes.

Issues best tested while in the UK :)

We could look together at this:

to ensure others are somewhat familiar with css-fixme for future maintenance