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This is the agenda and logistics page for Web Compatibility Team Work Week meeting in Orlando (Florida, USA) from December 7 to December 11, 2015.


  • Location: Orlando, Florida, Canada (Mice and crocodiles)


  • Karl Dubost (~22h long trip)
  Arrival: Monday 7th, 2:49pm 
  Departure: Saturday 12th, 7:00am
  • Mike Taylor
  Arrival: Monday 7th, 10:40am
  Departure: Saturday 12th, 8:45am
  • Hallvord Steen
  Arrival:  Sunday 6th
  Departure: Saturday 12th



Mon, December 7, 2015

Welcome everyone.

Tue, December 8, 2015

Webcompat Team notes - 2015-12-09

  • we should slow down on features dev.
    • finish screenshot-from-addon - mike
    • zero clipboard - hallvord
    • image normalization when uploading - karl
  • finishing the compat spec is very important.
    • finish the list of things on Mike's computer
    • Web platform tests for these features
  • Platform wants to be compatible with the top sites desktop and mobile. (P10)
    • Top sites what does it mean?
    • we need to define what Web compatibility means?
  • e10s addon they want to do 10hs/week for outreach.
    • we have a lot of questions: such as what, why, when
  • Compatipede need to be working. It's on a VM. Hosted at Mozilla. Deadline: end of Q1.
    • Hallvord to make sure he has VPN access, test the hosted stuff and follow up with Async
  • Testing our progress with WebKit stuff. Taiwanese sites. Karl is regurlaly testing JP sites.
    • need to test Taiwanese sites with Fx 38 sites.
    • don't forget to take screenshots for old sites.
  • (Parallax) APZ implementation broke some Web sites. Need a better understanding. Should we contact Web sites? Not sure if it's us **only** breaking Web sites. There's a blog post on how to fix it.
  • Firefox OS WebCompat bugs - status?

Q: Firefox OS bugs Q: Talking about WebKit implementation on otsukare. Why/How.

Wed, December 9, 2015

1:15pm - 2:15pm Platform + Web Compatibility

Thu, December 10, 2015

3:15-4:15 e10s add-on outreach meeting. Location TBD.

Fri, December 11, 2015

Topics Bank

To move in the agenda once we know if we want to work on them.

Addon Screenshot upload architecture

There's a few ways I can think to do this. They're all probably gross, feedback would be appreciated.

Proposed refactors by Hallvord for API + search/issues page

Parallax + APZ

Static Labels for

Testing Google Properties

  • Let's test some Tier 1 google mobile sites w/ our new WebKit tricks and see the state of things

TODO: group issues from

TODO: finish analysis

TODO: link or discuss issues in relevant bugs

TODO: retest when webkit prefixes enabled

TODO: discover the magic version of gmail and ask for it, when we're ready

Compat Standard and Testing

  • We should (help?) write WPT for the Compat Standard

CSS fixme service to

In progress: working through issues and need to figure out styling.

Web Compat in Taiwan

E-mail subscription service on

  • UI design

Non Standard Web API

  • Updates/Status
  • Need a summary table somewhere to evaluate the progress

"Similar bugs" feature

  • Flag other bugs on same domain when reporting
  • Easily close as duplicate of other bug on same domain when reviewing?

SSL/TLS developments

  • Meet with sec people?
  • Joint roadmap for the required outreach?
  • People / volunteers / recruitment

Plugin stuff

  • Meet with developers?
  • Compatibility "story" for post-NPAPI world?
  • People / volunteers / recruitment

e10s Add-on outreach stuff

  • Meet with team (Thursday, see agenda)
  • People / volunteers / recruitment

We met with Shell and Bill et al.

TODO: Write a plan for how to work on this. TODO: Karl to prioritize outreach before the baby comes.

Firefox feedback and web compat

  • See if we can meet with people who run / process input on
  • We need some process / tool to move or redirect input from there to
  • Are we aware of other vendors doing similar things that could also feed into in collaboration with those vendors?

We met with Robert Rayborn during lunch and he showed us a tool that they use to direct users with site problems to Cool.

TODO: Follow up with Robert, find out what metadata they have and support it via URL params. TODO: File a bug asking them to be able to send URL TODO: Investigate referrer and possibly do something nice there

They don't support screenshots or images yet, nothing to do there.

Devtools - feedback/push

  • Debugger performance (Hallvord)

Hallvord worked with them a bit. TODO: Work with bgrins to make it better.

Content blocking / tracking protection and compat

  • Meet with whoever is doing this stuff
  • Who handles these compat problems? Can they use our infrastructure?

Core bugs - feedback/push

How to better recognize the work of volunteers?

  • Make that T-shirt (simple - yellow with bug and lightbulb)


Better diagnostics and management with about:compat

You can use about:compat to see all of the compatibility features you or Microsoft have applied to sites on the client machine. This tool is not only an easy way to visualize and search the Enterprise Mode Site List, but a great way to diagnose problems on a client machine, like whether the latest Enterprise Mode Site List is being applied.