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The "Report Site Issue" feature, sometimes also called "WebCompat Reporter", is a system extension that adds a "Report Site Issue..." page action to allow users to quickly inform us about a broken site and enables us to gather more precise reports than we would get from completely manual reports.

This feature is available in Firefox Desktop and as an Android Component that can be used in mobile products. To limit the amount of reports we get, the reporter is only shipped to pre-release versions of Firefox (Beta and earlier) right now.

Assisted WebCompat reporting

To make the process of reporting a site issue as easy as possible and to increase the actionability of reports, the Reporter pre-fills a couple of fields and collects additional technical details.

Pre-filled form fields

The reporter pre-fills:

  • the current URL
  • the Browser version
  • the Operating System and its version
  • a Screenshot of the reported site

All fields can be changed or removed by the user while reporting.

Additional information collected

In addition to the regular form fields, the reporter collects the following pieces of information:

  • important preferences that are known to cause breakage: for example, the status of WebRender
  • the buildID and update channel
  • whether the device has a touchscreen or not
  • whether mixed active content was blocked
  • whether mixed passive content was blocked
  • whether tracking protection blocked resources
  • console messages, like JavaScript exceptions or SameSite cookie warnings

Source code

The code for the system addons can be found