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Severity Triage

Once a week, bugs that have advanced from "needstriage" to "needsdiagnosis" will be triaged for severity.


There are a few goals for this round of triage:

  • Give diagnosers another value to prioritize work. For example, severity-critical issues could be prioritized over severity-important, even if the severity-important issue falls on a top site.
  • Create scenarios where we push to needscontact sooner
  • Make diagnosers aware when outreach is low priority
  • Update titles to be more meaningful, when possible


One of 3 labels will be set in triage:

severity-critical: the site is unusable, or you would probably open another browser to use it Examples:

  • important button not working at all
  • video playback fails
  • important page not available (e.g., settings)
  • infinite page reload / page never loads / ping-pong

severity-important: annoyance, some non-core broken piece of functionality, not behaving the way you would expect Examples:

  • jumpy scrolling
  • adding an image as a favorite doesn't work in a photo-sharing site
  • desktop site vs mobile site
  • button to add comment doesn't work

severity-minor: cosmetic issue Examples:

  • wrong font
  • different padding in layout
  • low-res image transition
  • font-aliasing issue

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