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This page contains a list of bugfixes, features, or APIs we can't ship (or remove) in Firefox because doing so would break the web for our users.

Feature Name Bug(s) Notes
-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio"/"-webkit-max-device-pixel-ratio media query 1237720 Enabling this breaks Google docs icons. Last attempt / backout was March 14, 2018 (1444139)
TC39 global proposal 1317422 Broke deezer, flickr, moment.js, Jira
Stop dispatching keypress events for non-printable keys 968056 Blocked by bug of Closure framework
Start to dispatch keydown and keyup events even during composition 354358 Should be fixed at same time with bug 968056 for saving web app developers' cost
Hiding all Gecko specific editing UI 1449564 Collect actual usage first (1452538)
Removing window.controllers 1010577 Sites use as a proxy for UA sniffing (possible removal in 1448045)
Offline Application Cache 1237782 Big players still use this for various high profile sites (e.g. Microsoft), alternative: Service Workers
Clear on cross-origin nav Not certain this is unshippable - safari shipped it years ago, and Chrome is trying
add me add me add me

See also and in particular navigator.taintEnabled() and navigator.oscpu.