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Winter Break 2017 Triage Schedule

Mozilla employees have December 22 through Jan 2nd off. See here for more info (behind LDAP login).

We need to cover incoming triage during the week of Dec 25th. If you volunteer for a triage shift, please keep track of the total time worked to be taken off in lieu after we all return.


Please sign up if you will be available for a 2 hour shift and are willing to help triage incoming issues. If 2 people sign up for a given day, they can coordinate between themselves.

Shift Day Person 1 (2 hrs) Person 2 (2 hrs) Person 3 (2 hrs)
Monday December 25 Mike Eric Ola
Tuesday December 26 Mike Guillaume Ola
Wednesday December 27 Eric Guillaume Sergiu/Oana
Thursday December 28 Adam Dennis Sergiu/Oana
Friday December 29 Adam Dennis Sergiu/Oana

(Everybody should just take new year's day off)