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This page showcases volunteer-led projects for Connected Devices currently being proposed and worked on by Mozillians. If you have an idea for a project or are currently working on one, make sure to add it to this list.

Current Projects

  1. Name: unicorn (UNIfied Communication Over Realtime Networks, aka, connecting connected devices)
  2. Name: Watch My House
  3. Name: Estonia Hacks
    • Description : To come
  4. Name: Open Hardware Board
    • Description : To come

Previous Projects

  1. Name: Connected Farmers
  2. Name: RadioQ
  3. Name: Mozilla Indonesia Community Space (Smart Identifier)
    • Project description: smart identifier to be used on Mozilla Indonesia Space (for identification and access + resource management)
    • Project page:
    • Primary contacts: Deryan (@deryanev), Oji (@ojiii), Rara (@rara79), Shinta Setiawan (@ssetiawan)
    • Primary communication channels: Telegram, regular meetup (online or offline)
    • Human resource needed: people who knows programming language (all) and would like to design the project together in a local hackathon
  4. Name: Heart Rate Monitor
  5. Name: Friend of Farmer (FoF)
  6. Name: Firefox OS Webplatformify (webplat-foxify)
    • Description: Making node.js APIs / npm modules usable under Firefox OS
    • Project info:
    • Contacts: @slsoftworks (Flaki), @kohlersolutions (Michael Kohler)
    • includes demo usecase & demo Firefox OS apps
    • needed:
      • net API shim needs cleanup, contributions
      • javascript websocket implementation needs cleanup, tests etc.
      • webvr remote demo needs
  7. Name: Lotus - plant watering
  8. Name: Connected Gamedev
  9. Name: Physical Space Visualizer
    • Description: A device that will instantly communicate with physical objects in a room and gather from them data related to shape, size and location.
    • Github repo
    • People needed: Hardware/Software Engineering Experts, Network Engineers
    • Primary contact: @blossomica - > Telegram - Rest TBD
  10. Name: Connected Blocks
  11. Name: Discoverability Thingy
  12. Name: Verbinding
    • Description: The plan is to create something similar to IFTTT....for the connected devices. What that means is, simple 'if...then....else' conditions to make multiple connected devices communicate with each other. eg. If the temperature in the room in more than 25'C, switch on the AC. In this case, a simple 'if...else' statement will communicate with the thermostat device and the AC to solve a life program.
    • github:
    • Contacts: Rabimba, Priyanka
  13. Name: MayBahaBa (Is there flood?)
  14. Name: HUM (Health utilities and monitoring)
  15. Name: BCS - Base Camp Server
  16. Name: Smart House
    • Description: A Rasbperry pi IoT based home automation system that adapts according to human need.
    • Project Page:
    • Primary Contacts: @dimonga email
  17. Name: Smart Bulbs: Data transfer using light bulbs
    • Project Page:
    • Description: LED bulbs that can be used to transmit data using high speed flickering
    • Primary Contacts: @dimonga email
  18. Name: Sharespace HP Bar
    • Project Page:
    • Description: A Health Point bar for share space - just like RPGs. Let everyone knows the health state, and we can take action (like donate) to make it more sustainable.
    • Primary Contacts: email