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Connected Devices Participation


Welcome to the Connected Devices participation page, your starting point to get involved in Connected Devices, both through our Product Innovation Process and our Community Experimentation Launchpad.

In the next few weeks, we'll be populating this wiki with more resources to help you get involved and start experimenting, prototyping and testing the future of connected devices.

Product Innovation Process

We're ramping up with a product innovation process, and there you can find some projects in progress, with other ones surfacing as they get through the gating process. Continue to look out for opportunities to contribute. Yet don't wait! We want to facilitate building from now.

Participate in the 'official' Product Innovation Process

As identified in the product innovation process section above, some projects running on the train model have many specific contribution opportunities.

Connected Devices at Mozilla embarked on a path by organizing the team around a gated innovation process that has given us some time to evaluate the market and brainstorm ideas that we believe will solve real problems, while considering possibilities that make the most of our unique resources and active community. At this point, we’ve identified and rallied around a shortlist of these ideas, and have our first group of projects in need of contributions from our community of developers and participants. We’ll be looking for feedback while collaborating on code, shipping test builds, aimed at finding a Product/Market Fit. We’ll determine this by evaluating product usage and asking our target users if we’re on the right track. We plan to be scientific, and make these decisions objective and fair, so if we get off track, we can either re-work a solution for more testing, or simply move on to the next idea in the queue.

For information on all ongoing projects, click here.

Get Connected

Connected Devices Participation is in early days, a great time to get involved. But we are moving fast. Stay with us as we set everything up.

Communication Channels

Make sure to join or subscribe to the following related channels:

Direct contact

  • For any questions or ideas you have about participation for Connected Devices make sure to reach out to cd-info[at]mozilla[dot]com or find us on the #cd-participation irc channel

Team Tasks

Follow along and contribute on github as we ramp up with Connected Devices participation.

Next Steps for Connected Devices
Category Task Responsible GitHub Status
Foxfooding past program/devices clarity to existing foxfooders Vik #325 In Progress
Foxfooding future concepts including devices/kit Vik #326 In Progress
Foxfooding Including foxfooding as part of gating process David #328 In Progress
Process Changes Participation in innovation process John B #329 In Progress
Process Changes Opening consultation into Firefox OS smartphone end-of-life decision Julie (+ Brian & William) #330 In Progress
Transition Arrange AMA with Ari Ruben + Lucy #331 Complete - Transcript
Transition Keeping SC and CD Senior Team updated on non-staff engagement George #332 In Progress
Connected Devices Land/Finalize the Reps Innovation Fund Details Rosana + William #333 In Progress
Connected Devices/Transition Guideline for transition of Firefox OS events to CD events Brian + William #334 In Progress
Connected Devices Future sort of devices (Rpi-like, TV experience, etc) to focus and encourage ports David + Peter #337 In Progress
Connected Devices Initial conversation on repurposing the Firefox OS Participation Hub Brian/William/Pierros/Marcia #338 In Progress
Transition "Official" communication out to non-staff George + Lucy #335 Complete
Transition Ensuring CD/Participation Wiki is up to date Brian #336 Ongoing