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General info

  • Participants: Wilson, Francisco Maria

Sprint objectives

  • The goal is having a very basic client in Android and iOS (if it's possible) and also downloadable builds. For that the team also started a first Backlog prioritization of the tasks to build the client.
  • We also need to request help to the Research team to investigate more about different kind of beacons vendors, analysis of beacons depending on size, power, energy consumption..

Tasks or Bugs committed for this sprint

Task Assigned Status Status Notes
Add support for iOS Francisco Done It requires a native adaptor module to expose URL discovery to JS runtime and abstractions around Android only components. This task does not include the mDNS discovery
Android build on Travis Sam Done Just builds an android release APK, doesn't do anything with it yet, just asserts that we can and nothing is broken.
Add pull to refresh Wilson Done Currently we're keeping discovered tiles 'sticky'. But we should provide a way for the user to clear the list and re-scan.
Add a way to redirect specific URLs to embedded third-party endpoints (AKA:'add-ons') Wilson Done Third-party services should probably conform to the same JSON data structure that is returned by magnet-metadate-service (when requested with accepts: application/json header). When requested with text/html, they should respond with the mini-app itself (HTML).Example URL:
Bug: Red screen of death: Network request failed Francisco Done When we don't have connectivity or it drops, we show a red screen of death with a horrible react native message.
Fill readme for contributors Not started
Provide downloadable builds Sam Ongoing It should include iOS and Android builds.
Adapt sched adaptor Francisco Done For demo purposes we could create an 'add-on' to enhance sched meeting room pages
Add twitter adaptors Wilson Done Github issue #46
Bug: Error in iOS app cause of lack of font Francisco Done Since the change to ad the FiraSans font, we are getting another red screen of death in iOS Github issue #49
Implement visuals for static tiles Wilson Done Github issue #40
Create an app icon Wilson Done Basic one, Android icon Github issue #21

Issues during this sprint

  • Legal team was asked to set up a development account for Connected Devices to enroll in the Apple Developer program (so we can sign our community releases).
    • Although Mozilla has already a developer account, we have been suggested to set up a new account with Apple for Connected Devices. Progress tracked in Bug 1266923. The reason for that wa mainly to keep things separated and from a risk perspective.
    • Finally, Mobile team changed his mind and we will use his account. In the short term we plan to distribute the app to beta-testers/users via TestFlight. Steps to do this:
      • Agree on an app bundle identifier. Suggestion was ‘org.mozilla.ios.Magnet’ (which is consistent with the other apps we have)
      • Register the app id and generate provisioning profiles on
      • Setup the application on iTunes Connect
      • Configure the application details on iTunes Connect
      • Archive the application
      • Upload to iTunes Connect
      • Submit the build for TestFlight
  • We have contacted with Scott Jenson who is leading the Physical Web project in Google. He’s going to send us some beacons and offered us to help us to get more through a manufacturer in Shenzhen (much more cheaper than the ones that are available in the Market
  • We have also contacted Brianna to see the best way to prepare a demo in London All Hands using shech app
  • Sam Foster will start the Beacons Research, he hopes having some inputs at the end of this sprint. Interesting areas to focus the Research:
    • Battery life and Battery Types (e.g. is the battery is replaceable or not).
    • Range Support (from pretty minimal to huge distances). For instance, it would be interesting to know if we can have beacons that can only be detected if devices are really close (e.g. 1m or less).
    • Protocol Support (ibeacon, eddystone...): how easy is to switch protocols and if it's possible to support both at the same time.
    • Price ;)
    • Configuring/updating (provisioning) the beacon.
    • He's putting his notes here:
  • New tasks have been added to Sprint 1 as "Create add-on for sched", "Create an app icon", "Implement visuals for static tiles" or "Add twitter adaptors"



Actions taken from last sprint

None, Sprint 1 is our first sprint

Things that went well

  • We did a lot, much more that it was committed in Sprint 1, +1
  • Like face to face meetings, taking advantage that most of the team is at London office or, at least, same TZ
  • We already have super basic clients for android and ios.
  • We got into the mobile team ios development.

Things that went not that well

  • It was messy the decision about what account to use, Mobile team changed his mind when we have already started the process with the Legal team to create a CD account for the Apple Development Program

Actions for this sprint

  • [AP Maria] post the demos to Discourse team and also send a mail to CD team
  • [AP Maria] involve Michael Henrrety and the community (as soon as we have the build releases available and the info in the Readme of github explains the project and the process to generate/download builds and configure beacons)
  • [AP Maria] Include the summarize of the project in the Video demo google doc for the London All Hands and contact Rainer Cvillink to start working on it.
  • [AP Maria/Francisco] Have a look at the available beacons from the provider suggested by Scott Jenson to see what to purchase.