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General info

  • Participants: Wilson, Francisco, Sam, Isabel and Maria

Sprint objectives

The goals of this sprint are:

  • Research: Doing interviews!!!! (People asks Tiff and Jacqueline for Interview or Research guide, it’s hard this new staff for them)
  • Stabilization of the app:
    • Avoid server to explode if it's used by many people (we have to be ready for it),
    • Sched adaptor: regression test, report and fix bugs
  • London video

Tasks or Bugs committed for this sprint

Task Assigned Status Status Notes
Investigate Testfairy for android Isabel Done
Serve London Sonos oembed Francisco Ongoing Moved to Sprint 4 or Backlog
Investigating Monkeyrunner for functional tests Isabel Ongoing
Test mdns name is a URL (iOS) Wilson Done
Include Sam's investigation about beacons in our wiki Maria Ongoing Moved to Sprint 4
Add an architecture page in our wiki in Magnet Maria Done
Make Travis builds more reliable on pull request. Sam Done
Some urls fails to be showed in magnet Wilson Done
Write a video script Wilson Done
Write an interview script Wilson Done
BUg - Urls not found when there are special chars (sched) Wilson Done
Bug - Only 2 meetings are showed in Magnet using sched instead of 3 (sched) Francisco Done
Bug - Problems with events date (sched) Francisco Done
Investigate metrics for magnet Francisco Ongoing Moved to Sprint 4 or Backlog
Travis nightly builds failing Sam Done
Caching system Sam Done
[meta] Rename things to 'Project Magnet' where possible Sam Done
Adaptor tiles should show original URL Wilson Done

Issues during this sprint



Actions taken from last sprint

Things that went well

Things that went not that well

Actions for this sprint