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    • Pending DNS change **

To administer the registration server, dns-server, and reverse proxy tunnel (pagekite) running on, type `ssh` (make sure Sam Giles or Richard Weiss has added your ssh key to the server for you).

In /home/ec2-user/, you will see a checkout of the repo, and one of the repo. To build the two docker images after pulling in changes in these repos (the -m 1g option increases the memory limit during the build process):

   docker build -t pagekite-letsencrypt dns-server/server/
   docker build -m 1g -t registration_server registration_server/

You will also see a TLS certificate in /home/ec2-user/cert.

To start the two containers (one for registration_server, and one for dns-server including pagekite frontend), do:

   docker images
   docker ps
   docker run -d -v /home/ec2-user/certdir:/certdir --net=host -e -e SECRET=foxbox pagekite-letsencrypt
   docker run -d -v /home/ec2-user/certdir:/certdir -p 4443:4443 registration_server