Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-12-22

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Program Passed Gate Status Notes
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Jean Gate 1 On Target

Engineering Update

  • End of Sprint 3 demo was held on Friday, Dec. 16th to show the following functionality:
  1. Firmware: Collect real data from sensors, transmit to cloud
  2. Cloud: SensorThings API, receive and store sensor readings
  3. Web: Ability to browse collected sensor readings
  • Rapid Risk Analysis (RRA) review with Enterprise Security was held on Dec. 15th
  • Development boards have been shipped to team members
  • Worked with industrial designer to identify color and box design requirements. Renderings to show recommended options to be available by end of December.
  • Started work on agreement to select manufacturer

Team Update

  • Julie McCracken has assumed EPM responsibilities
  • David Bialer has assumed PM responsibilities
  • Detailed planning sessions for upcoming quarter to be held with extended team in early January.
Project_Haiku (taking in Project Smart Display) Liz/Joe/Mahe Gate 1 On Target
  • Bulleted list item
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Platform and Tools Sandip/Nicole/Mahe N/A On Target
  • Bulleted list item
  • Bulleted list item
Voice Platform - Deep Speech Sandip/Nicole N/A On Target
  • Bulleted list item
  • Bulleted list item
Project Magnet David/Maria Gate 0 On Target
  • Yesterday we have a check in with the PIB to update about the User Study results, Design Direction, Marketing Campaign and next steps (Slides and Video Recording)
  • Gate 1 review scheduled on Jan 13th

Ongoing Tasks

  • We're refining UX based on discussions in Hawaii and user study results
  • Reaching out to publishers to help guide UX
  • Prioritizing our user stories
  • Breaking down user stories/ux into engineering architecture and tasks
  • Refining our marketing plan
  • Project Plan
HomeWeb Ben/Mahe Gate 0 On Target

Project homeweb wordmark.png

  • Finalised 2017 Q1 Objectives
    • User study, first UX designs and pre-order test
    • Architecture design & proof of concept prototype
    • Identify potential hardware vendors
    • Pass gate 1
  • Met with platform team to align Q1 planning and started to draft architecture
  • Kick-off meeting with User Research for Q1 research and started to draft research goals
Lighthouse Preeti/Julie Gate 1 On Target
  • Q1 OKRs were reviewed and updated based on decision to follow two tracks simultaneously to get a product out faster. Team will develop a mobile app. in addition to pursuing a device.
  • Next steps are to:
    • Document/draft user experience and functionality requirements for the mobile app.
    • Start ramping up for iOS app development
    • Identify ways to facilitate volunteer community contributions as quickly as possible
    • Begin industrial design iterations for the device
Participation Update Michael/Brian N/A On Target
  • Bulleted list item
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Market Developments Update Irina N/A
  • Bulleted list item
  • Bulleted list item
Other Announcements / Questions N/A