Connected Devices Weekly Update/2017-01-05

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Program Passed Gate Status Notes
Project Sensor Web David/Julie Gate 1 On Target

Team Update

  • Julie McCracken has assumed EPM responsibilities
  • David Bialer has assumed PM responsibilities

Engineering Update

  • End of Sprint 3 demo was held on Friday, Dec. 16th to show the following functionality:
  1. Firmware: Collect real data from sensors, transmit to cloud
  2. Cloud: SensorThings API, receive and store sensor readings
  3. Web: Ability to browse collected sensor readings
  • Rapid Risk Analysis (RRA) review with Enterprise Security was held on Dec. 15th
  • Looking at data sources that can be used for service to be up and running in Q1

Hardware Update

  • Development boards have been shipped to team members, more to follow in the coming week
  • Started work on agreement to select manufacturer. Choices have been narrowed down to 3.
  • Working to submit P.O. for tooling.

UX Update

  • Continuing to work on the redesigns and refining the wireframes
  • Worked with industrial designer to identify color and box design requirements. Renderings provided back to us at the end of December.


  • Planning sessions to be held next week to add more detail to the plan.
Project_Haiku (taking in Project Smart Display) Liz/Mahe Gate 1 On Target
  • Engineering Work
    • Bluetooth and Wifi setup with Beagle Bone Green Wireless
  • Product
    • Worked on getting SOW in place for Industrial Design work
Platform and Tools Sandip/Mahe N/A On Target
    • Finished Whitepaper on Moz IOT Platform Proposal
    • Q1 2017 planning has started
    • Team to meet in MTV next week
    • Preparing first IOT security spike spec
Project Magnet Francisco/Maria Gate 0 On Target
  • Gate 1 review scheduled on Jan 13th

Ongoing Tasks

  • Based on discussions in Hawaii and user study results we drafted the new UX. We decided to focus on the Street Art artist and the following to simplify and focus the product so we are now refining this UX selecting the features/USs necessary for that use case. If this proves successful we'll expand the offering to other communities
   Magnet-planning-1.png Magnet-visiting.png 
   Magnet-navigation.png Magnet-planning-storyteller.jpg
  • Reaching out to publishers, street art fans to provide feedback about the User Experience
  • Prioritizing our user stories, breaking down user stories/ux into engineering tasks
  • Creating Marketing plan and Project Plan
HomeWeb Ben/Mahe Gate 0 On Target
  • Q1 2017 planning started
  • UR work on Network Security being planned
  • More details next week
Lighthouse Preeti/Julie Gate 1 On Target
  • Q1 OKRs were reviewed and updated based on decision to follow two tracks simultaneously to get a product out faster. Team will develop a mobile app. in addition to pursuing a device.
  • Next steps are to:
    • Document/draft user experience and functionality requirements for the mobile app. PRD is under development.
    • Start ramping up for iOS app development.
    • Identify ways to facilitate volunteer community contributions as quickly as possible
    • Begin industrial design iterations for the device
Participation Update Michael/Brian N/A On Target
  • Bulleted list item
  • Bulleted list item
Market Developments Update Irina N/A
  • Smart Home 2017 Trends & Predictions - from Strategy Analytics
    • Business models monetizing data collected by smart home devices will emerge.
    • More wireless carriers will enter the smart home market.
    • Bluetooth Mesh emerges and couples with Bluetooth 5 capabilities threatens ZigBee, Z-Wave and Thread.
    • More consumer brands will seek to seek a niche in the smart home.
    • The move away from the smartphone as the primary interface in the home will continue.
    • More product concepts that link commerce and services to smart home devices will emerge.
    • We will see more intelligent video technology.
    • The ‘Voice Computing’ trend will hit new heights in 2017 as the number of ‘always listening’ touch points in homes grows rapidly.
    • Roku TV and Chromecast Built-In Smart TV platforms will gain further traction in the US.
    • The global TV displays market will rebound in 2017 as the replacement cycle kicks in.
Other Announcements / Questions N/A